Peace And Love For Humanity

Written By bryanboy

Many of you who follow me on my other social media outlets are aware that I’m showing concern for the civilians in Gaza. Over the past few weeks, 1,834 Palestinian people have died, hundreds of them are innocent children, from the conflict between Gaza and Israel. The United States State Department issued a statement saying the United States is “appalled by the disgraceful shelling outside an UNRWA school in Rafah”. United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon also issued a statement saying Israel’s attack of civilian shelters and killing of Palestinian civilians as a “gross violation of international humanitarian law”.

This video made me cry.

Put yourself in their shoes. Imagine your home being destroyed. Where would you and your family go? Where? Schools and hospitals, are being bombed left and right. Israel’s justification to bomb these buildings (yes, schools AND hospitals) is that they are being used by Hamas to attack Israel back. As of now, hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people are displaced and homeless. Where do they go?

No one can flee Gaza. Absolutely no one. They have absolutely zero access to the outside world. Israel cut them off. They don’t want to let any Palestinian get out of Gaza because they fear they would attack Israel.
According to NBC News, Gaza’s one main power plant, which is the only power plant in Gaza, a city of 1.8 Million people, was destroyed.

What I don’t understand is, why is it so wrong, to the eyes of some, to show concern towards innocent civilians from BOTH sides? Many of my friends don’t even want to discuss this conflict on their social media outlets for fear of being attacked by those with extremely strong Pro-Israel or Pro-Palestine opinions. As an outsider, you can’t even ask questions because people misconstrue questioning as an act of support to either parties!

I chose to speak up about this matter on MY social media because, as a human being, I, truly, genuinely feel sorry for all the innocent victims in this conflict. Every morning when I wake up, I always read the news. I like to be aware of everything. I find it extremely difficult to ignore what is going on in the world and to continue with my day to day life when I see gruesome video and images from the conflict.

I have a number of friends who live in Tel Aviv who I keep in touch with on social media and whenever I read their updates of running to shelters or what have you, I send them messages saying to always be safe, and I care for them.

Regardless of your religious or political beliefs, you cannot ignore the fact that somewhere out there in Gaza, there is a mother or a father crying over the loss of their child. There are children out there whose lives are forever changed from losing their parents. There are families out there who lost their homes, have nowhere to go, have lost their possessions, have nothing to eat.

You don’t have to be Pro-Israel or Pro-Palestine to want peace in the region or to wish for minimum civilian casualties. You don’t have to be pro-whoever to feel sorry for other people. Compassion is a basic human emotion.

I’m glad there’s a cease-fire and I hope it stays that way. The killings and the attacks, on both sides if I may add, have to stop.


  1. You worded this impeccably… The way I see it is..the bottom line is a lot of innocent people have been caught up in a terrible unfathomable situation. I still can’t believe what I read because it is so awful.

  2. Thank you so much to have the COURAGE to post this and express it so well, too. I needed to read this. It makes me believe in the goodness of mankind, as opposed to the apathy that many seem to have. Love.

  3. My brother recommended I might like this web site. He was entirely right.
    This post actually made my day.

  4. Michelle

    Thank you for your balanced story here. It’s scary how it’s such a one sided event per American news. I really appreciate you!

  5. Thank you, for choosing not to choose a side. You’re one of the only bloggers that I follow who chooses to speak about this war, and just this, is very courageous. I see too much people (commenters on instagram) trying to turn this into an ugly “choose your side or you’re a traitor” debate, and it’s very refreshing to see someone who’s just concerned about the lives on both sides. When will people see each others as human beings instead of targets to eliminate ?

  6. Bryanboy, do yourself a favour. Educate yourself about the ideology driving Hamas, the Islamic terrorist group who’s the elected government of the people of Gaza that’s at war with Israel.

    And then perhaps you can share these videos to others on your social media too, so that they may get educated about what Islam tells its followers according to its most sacred texts, and what Allah tells them to do. And that is to commit jihad against ALL non-Muslims. You should know, the Philippines is the site of the most number of Islamic terrorist victims in the world.

    Well the Islamic terrorists’ war against Israel is exactly the same. This is not a war about land. Or the self-determination of Palestine. That’s all false propaganda. Muslims are instructed to lie to non-Muslims about their true intentions by their Qu’ran – it’s called ‘taqquiya’ or ‘holy lying’. That’s what you should remember when you see all the Hamas videos/propaganda. Not to mention the fact that to them, it’s an honour to sacrifice their lives and their children’s lives as martyrdom for Allah. They indoctrinate their children from a very young age to believe in this and to act upon their beliefs. That’s the true story about what’s going on behind all the civilian deaths.

    And this, which explains why Israel has as much right to exist in the tiny piece of land that was given to them in 1948 as much as Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Jordan, which were all created at the same time. Israel is the ONLY non-Arab state in the Middle East, their only refuge in the world after having 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust during World War II shortly before. And the Palestinians could easily live in Jordan if this were about having their own state. But it’s not, what it is about is ‘Jihad’ – war against non-Muslims, all unbelievers (including you, though you defend them, they’d sooner behead you for being a ‘kafir’ so don’t deceive yourself) and the Jews happen to be top of that list. But Islamist terrorists have killed Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and atheists. Go to the website and see for yourself the countless victims of Islamist jihadists all over the world.

    I ask you, if the Islamists wanted to kill you and destroy your whole race, wouldn’t you fight back too? Think about it.

    And then, if you wish to know more about the truth about Islam, watch these series of videos by a former Wahhabi Muslim now a Christian, Al Fadi, and Dr Bill Warner, PhD, both Islamic scholars who’ve published Qu’rans and books about Islam.

    You will see, that to sympathise with Islamist terrorists is the absolute height of folly. Be warned. Cheers.

    1. really? can you please check the israeli state map though out history and see if what you say is fair? they OCCUPIED those lands

      1. like Spaniard OCCUPIEDAmerica from the Indigenous peoples of the Americas?
        check how live in USA before 500 year…. and who conquer …

  7. its very easy to speak for one side only.
    you sound like a really smart girl-so let me light up you’re mind.
    i live im israel. on the other side of this war.
    do you really tbink tht everything here i so great?
    do you really think that we enjoy this war?
    do you really think that my 4 years old brother like to wake up every night to the sound of the alarm at 3 a.m??
    to fell the house tremulous? the broken windows? the screams of the people that didnt get to the shelter on time?
    to wake up every morning with the fear of going out from the shelters? to find out that our cities full with undergraund tunnels and terrorists that can’t wait to get out and kill us all?
    so yes, my country protect us! our soldiers are hero’s!!
    compared to the HAMAS that will do anythink to kill us including killing their oun children!

    yes. I am jewish. and i am proud of it!
    I want peace. just the rest of the world.
    i want that when the day will come, and i will have kids of my own-they can walk at the street without a fear that someone will kidnap and hit them to death.
    I am not gonna apologize for the actions of our brave soldiers!
    there are the reason that I am alive!

    I hope that someday, you will open you’r eyes to see the other side.
    not just the side you want to see.


    1. bryanboy Post author

      so in other words, the killing of innocent arabs is perfectly fine for you because you only care about your own interests?

      1. Bryanboy Friend, Israel is the last front line in defending the Western world and values of freedom that you, Yes my friend, you special enjoy it. There is no boys like you in Gaza that can enjoy fashion and life style. There is no beautiful womens you can dress up and admire. There is only freedom to work and pray and be killed by the name of their false ideology and their Mafia like regime. As you are now you can’t be a resident of Gaza or any other extreme Muslim county.
        This is War and in War there are casualties. Nobody like to kill children, but be remember this are the fighting zone between citizens. Now please ask your self why you there is no coverage of Hamas attack on Israel? Why you are not write a post about 2000 peoples just butchered by Hasmas like organization in Syria or “Yezedis” people who are genocide by Hamas like organization (ISIS) in Iraq?

  8. Great post Bryan…Speak your mind, that’s what blogging is all about…everyone is entitled to their own opinion

  9. Thanks Bryan for being honest and for speaking up for what you believe in. You’re extremely right when you say that you don’t need to side with either party to sympathise with the civilian victims. I love reading your blog for fashion inspiration. The fact that you decided to post about something so much more significant, has given the blog the dimension of humanity. And because of that I love your blog and you, so much more.

  10. Hi Bryanboy! I always enjoy reading your blog. I am a Japanese who lives part of my time in Tel Aviv. I notice there are lots of people in Israel are quite right wing. I as an outsider, my opinion agrees with yours. Also when you watch news in Israel, they will show you one sidedly. People here in Israel are brainwashed by media and society since very young age. I watch many kinds of news, from Israeli, Arab, Eropean medians, and each of them show the same thing quite differently. As I agree with you, trying not to take side, it’s important to watch or read news from every angle, I think. I saw this interview of the Son of Hamas. Did you watch this?
    It’s amazing to see this man, the son of leader of the Hamas, how he transformed from being in the top organisation of Hamas till now he gave this interview.

  11. Don Losentes

    Yes. I am no pro-whoever. I feel really bad for the innocent children and Families who suffered. This will change their lives forever.
    Yes, I know that Israel is just defending their Land, people and their interest but what I don’t understand is WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO STOP? until they kill all the Hamas? And how would they know if they already killed them all? By KILLING ALL THE PALESTINIANS? Forgive me if Im wrong but that’s just how I see it. Clearly they’re defending their interest but what about those innocent people who can’t even escape and leave? Like what Bryan said and I agree, I am no pro-whoever. I am pro-humanity. Why can’t the world just live peacefully? By that, WE can ALL have FABULOUS and HAPPY life.

  12. Beautiful blog post. You should write more about current events. You’re on point!

  13. This post is an eye opener for those who chose to be one-sided. Your such an inspiration to us. Keep it up Bryan.

  14. I completely with you Bryan. It saddens me to know there is much suffering of innocent lives all because of what…a piece of land? Is it really worth it? I am not taking either side but clearly this atrocity has gone too far. Fashion bloggers have a voice too..beyond talking about clothes and trends. Thank you for speaking out and sharing your honest thoughts on this very touchy but important subject.

    Cheers, Alina


    frankly im tired of the bullshyte!!! Man is an egotistical basid and I blame MEN for the downfall of the world! I blame Israel, USA and all who allow this shyte to happen. You can’t over run a nation unless it is abusing its citizens…you dont take over peoples homes and then run them out!!! BUT GOD SEES ALL…KARMA is a bytch after all is said and don’t. The devil is a lie!

  16. Bryan,
    I have to confess this was the last thing I expected to find on your website. Kudos to you for (a) keeping up with current affairs and (b) for being brave enough to state your position. In spite of Jewish boyfriend and family, I’ve been called an anti-Semite for not supporting Israeli policies. Many of my Jewish friends are understandably concerned about the rise of anti-semitism around the world and I get that. I am no supporter of Hamas but desperate people will resort to desperate measures. This is simply a tragedy. It’s a human rights tragedy the roots of which date back to British partitions that were drawn up after the war. But the Israelis are increasingly losing support in the court of public opinion and resort to a “if you are not with us you are against us” charge of anti-semitism is one dares defend the rights of the under trodden. Good for you for speaking out. Be careful…you will encounter resistance. Be brave. Nice to see someone in the fashion industry daring to speak out for HUMN justice.

  17. Seriously? You have nothing to say about Hamas bombing Israeli cities for weeks? About rockets flying over Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, putting thousands in constant threat? Israel is doing what every country should do when it is under attack. I feel really bad for all the victims in Gaza, but they should know it is Hamas which brought it on themselves.

  18. sana farhan

    We muslims are not instructed by the quran to lie to non muslims so that we can kill them later,,, please stop maligning our religion…. and for the part that israel has the right to exist in the middle east as much as the arabs who were already living there … even though they are all non arab,,, what is the justification for that??? Cudnt the jews be given land smwhere else instead of right in the muslim world? What was the purpose behind that other than create rife n chaos in the muslim world. We muslims are today suspected and degraded as terrorists , but the jews who so remember the Holocaust shud also remeber that they are doing to muslims what the nazis did to them? So how are they any better?

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