Have A Safe Flight

Written By bryanboy

Like the rest of the world, I, too, am shocked and devastated on the news of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17. My heart goes to the family members, loved ones and friends of the innocent victims of this horrific tragedy. I almost cried when I first read about it on my cellphone. The plane did not crash because of technical or pilot error. The plane was shot down high up in the sky by murderers! 298 innocent lives were killed.

I’m sure you all know that I spend an awful amount of time inside airplanes because of work. Air travel used to be a novel idea, an activity that most people do when they go on holidays or the odd business trip. But for some, like me, air travel is a routine akin to work commute. Many say that statistically, it’s safer to be in a plane than a car but for some strange reason, the more I fly, the more I develop a fear of flying. There’s always that weird, “what if I’m next”, thought at the back of my head that lingers after I board an aircraft.

One of my closest friends told me the other day over lunch that dying by way of an air disaster is his biggest fear. I agree with him completely. The idea of knowing you’re about to die within minutes or seconds is terrifying. For him it’s about being absolutely helpless and the fact that there’s nothing one can do to control situation. For me it’s about the lack of having closure, the lack of being able to say goodbye to my loved ones in a “proper” way. I really don’t want my final send off to be a photo of a designer bag on my plane seat or worse, a selfie on instagram with a plane emoji and a caption saying “I’m off to XXXX (my next destination)”.

I’m scheduled to take four flights next week. Granted, Im traveling to AND from relatively low-risk, safe destinations. I’m not gonna lie through my teeth and say I’m not scared. I am! Unfortunately, there’s not much we can all do but to wish for the best. Or, as my Swedish boo always tell me, have a safe flight.

Bryanboy at the Empire State Building, New York City
Bryanboy at the viewing deck of the Empire State Building, New York
Downtown Manhattan, New York Skyline from Empire State Building
Midtown Manhattan and Uptown, view of New York Skyline from Empire State Building

Sunglasses by Balenciaga, top by Calvin Klein Collection, backpack by Chanel


  1. It was my first time to visit your page. I found the piece on facebook where I usually get your posts because I follow you there. I share your heartfelt empathy with the victims of MH17. There was also a filipino family on board that plane that the whole country (Philippines) is praying for now. It’s nice to know that you include personal sentiments on some social issues. I am very impressed. I admit am a fan of yours. Wishing you all the best Bryanboy. Will definitely be checking out your website more often. :)

  2. This kind of writing that drew me to your blog at the first time and followed you on other social media afterward. Keep being humane Bryan…

  3. All that jazz but you’re still shilling Calvin Klein t-shirts and Balenciaga sunglasses

  4. Have a safe flight Bryan! Love these photos and you…don’t let fear stop you from what you love <3

  5. If we consider how many flights take place everyday, and how many accidents happens, we confirm that airplanes are the saffer transportantation available. But those tragedies are really sad and shake our beliefes.

    I wish you a great and safe travel, everything is going to be just alright, i’m sure of that!

  6. Thanks for taking the time to write about this. It’s so unbelievably devastating that there have been so many plane accidents lately–and Air Algeria this morning. Thoughts and prayers with the families.

  7. I always had a fear for planes, so I don’t blame you. But did you hear about the plane that recently crashed in Mali? Here’s the link.


    Ugh, it’s like the world is saying planes are dangerous! However, despite all these tragedies happening, we should never feel pessimistic and live in fear. Otherwise, we would have already lost ourselves.
    Have a safe flight Bryan. Don’t worry, all will be well with you. ^^
    Alexandria Kingly

  8. This broke my heart, its so sad. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it and make sure you fly safe on your upcoming trips!!!

  9. I’m so glad you shared your feeling about this. I am the same, working in fashion I travel quite a bit. At least in Europe we have the option of taking trains but planes are inevitable and for me as well, the more I fly, the more nervous I am with planes. I hate flying alone because of the thought of “dying alone” haunts me. That’s why I envy couples holding hands during those little moments of turbulence. It got to a point once where I used to drink at the lounge before boarding just so I can be sleepy for a flight. Not a good idea, LOL !


  10. I just came back from a long business trip and air plane is the main transportation mode, so my feeiling is complicated at such a sad news. What’s wrong with this world?

  11. RIP for all lives which were lost on MH17 , I couldn’t believe what I saw on the news but unfortunately it happened, it s even harder for the families to see their loved ones end up like this! Great post Bryanboy .

  12. It’s devastating how that happened and I am glad to see you addressed it. My heart goes out to all those individuals.xx

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