Everyone Was There

Written By bryanboy

“I have NOT seen you in a year,” the formidable Naomi exclaimed when I greeted her after she walked in with Riccardo Tisci. Monday night was one big blur. A few things I remember happening from that night: dancing with the very pint-size and pretty Reese Witherspoon, admiring Lupita Nyong’o’s dress (looked amazing in real life), stroking Olivier Rousteing’s bare chest, Rihanna coming up to me and shamelessly asking her for a ciggie on the dancefloor (her bodyguard opened a fresh pack from his pocket and lit it for me), sitting on Riccardo’s lap, Anne Hathaway introducing herself to me “Hi, I’m Anne” while I cozied up with Jason Wu and Diane Kruger. Everyone was there. I can’t even! I didn’t wanna be the loser who took photos left, right and center so after a few photos, I kept my phone firmly in my pocket and enjoyed the night.

Bryanboy at the Top of the Standard for the Unofficial 2014 Met Ball After Party
Riccardo Tisci and Naomi Campbell
Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger
Jason Wu, Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson
Anne Hathaway and Francisco Costa
Sean Penn and Charlize Theron
Sarah Jessica Parker and Andy Cohen
Ashley Olsen
Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Olivier Rousteing
Dianna Agron
Jay-Z and Beyonce
Lupita Nyong'o
Kate Bosworth
Alexander Wang
Nicole Richie and Bryanboy
Bryanboy sitting on Riccardo Tisci's lap
Diane Kruger, Anne Hathaway, Jason Wu and Bryanboy


    1. bryanboy Post author

      Just the after party. Don’t want to spend $25,000 for a ticket hahaha!

  1. Don Losentes

    What a n experience! Just wanna ask, who’s the best dressed and the most yummy man in that night? Haha

  2. Marcela

    I still can’t believe how far you’ve gone in life, from living in the Philippines to being an international celebrity socializing with bigger celebrities.

  3. Beyond Jealous Bryan! You are living my dream! Seriously can we trade places for a day ;) Lookin fab as always! #WerkIt

  4. What a wonderful night you had, you’re like a fancy tiny fish into the ocean of celeb. I envy you!!! BTW, you looked stunning in that jacket, who you were wearing?

  5. elena

    Fantadtic photos I wanted to be there too !! Liked the way you cover details of event


    Man! I remember when your blg started out and it was touch and go for me to follow you, but you came a long way from blogginh about wishing you were in the company of Anna Wintour…posting about your grandma and living in phillipines and the boys and your mock papparazzi photos (sniff sometimes i miss thoses days) but Im proud of you Bryanboy..you ave become a MAN!!!

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