Chefchaouen Medina, Morocco

Written By bryanboy

I’m thrilled to be back in Morocco once again — it’s my third time around. This country has a very special place in my heart. I’m currently here, very high up in the northern Moroccan (Rif) mountains, visiting this gorgeous town called Chefchaouen. If you ask me to name some of the most beautiful places I’ve been to, I would definitely include Chefchaouen on my list. It’s a quaint little town where the buildings, streets, alleyways, walls and doors are in different shades of blue. Visiting the Medina is a must. It was rather humbling walking around — you feel like you’re in some sort of time warp. I haven’t felt “detached” from the world in such a long time and believe me, it’s a precious, magnificent feeling.

Bryanboy using a payphone at Chefchaouen Medina, Morocco
Chefchaouen Medina Morocco skyline
Fashion blogger Bryanboy takes a selfie at Chefchaouen, Morocco
Fresh orange juice vendor at Chefchaouen Medina, Morocco
Pigment and dyes at Chefchaouen market, Morocco
Knitted hats and scavres at Chefchaouen Medina, Morocco
Chefchaouen residential houses
Bryanboy at Chefchaouen Medina, Morocco
Bryanboy with a group of Moroccan boys crossing their legs at Chefchaouen Medina, Morocco
Moroccan children in Chefchaouen
Blue stairways and streets in Chefchaouen Medina, Morocco
Blue door in Chefchaouen, Morocco

T-shirt by Calvin Klein Collection, shorts by Alexander Wang, sandals by Celine


  1. Michèle

    Simply stunning!!! Love everything in your post! Enjoy your well-deserved holidays xoxoxox

  2. Beautiful pictures. This is why I keep coming back to your blog every day. I hate it when you don’t update often but when you do, I love finding gems like this. Post more photos please!

  3. Kimberly

    I wish I knew how to use the heart emoji on my laptop…..

  4. After seeing this blue town, I really wish to visit this place once in my lifetime :) Thanks for sharing the great pics.

  5. Catherine

    Such inspiring photographs! I love how the blue walls are multi-dimensional, gives it a movement like that of rolling ocean waves. Also love how your legs are uncrossed in the 4th to last picture. xx

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