X Marks The Spot

Written By bryanboy

Y’all know me and my taste — I usually love anything AND everything colourful and embellished but lately, I’ve been toning it down big time. I’ve been stockpiling a rather disturbing amount of white items in my closet over the past few months. My obsession started last year but now it’s gone full force. It’s mildly disturbing actually. Whenever I go to stores, I usually make a beeline to the white section if they have it. Before leaving for Dubai, I bought this nifty “X” Alexander Wang sweater. I feel like there’s something chic about white clothes. It makes you look clean, pristine and of course, effortless. Yes, I know the white memo arrived late in my inbox, in any case, I’m loving this ‘new’ look on me.

Bryanboy wearing a black and white Alexander Wang sweater
Alexander Wang sweater

Sweater by Alexander Wang (click HERE to buy), silk shirt by Theory, shorts and shoes by Barbara Bui


  1. Anja Skrba

    You can never go wrong w/ black&white. Love this combo Bryan!


  2. hendrik skyler

    Hi Bryan,

    There’s nothing wrong toning it down big time, I am totally get it!
    You became me, asian turn western. In the past I always make fashion statement here and there, but once getting older and surrounding by western culture, then slowly my style adapt to western taste. Sounds cliche, but LESS IS BETTER.
    You still look chic and love the monochrome look! Awesome.


  3. Hello! I’ve been гeading your weƄ site for a long time аnd finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out! Love from Houston Tx!

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