Playa Manuel Antonio

Written By bryanboy

I have a love-hate relationship with the beach. I hate going to the beach because I’m very out of shape. I’m kind of flabby in the wrong, every wrong places. I really need to take exercise seriously, especially since Summer is just a few months away. On the other hand, I love going to beaches because it’s one of the very few places where one can fully unwind and be totally carefree (ie. you don’t have to bother about clothes, hair, make-up). Simple pleasures as they say.

We spent pretty much the entire afternoon within Playa Manuel Antonio. It’s a lovely area on the Pacific Ocean side of Costa Rica. Had a fabulous, fresh lunch at Marlin restaurant. The lobster and the whole fried fish was absolutely divine.

Bryanboy wearing Missoni spring 2014 at Playa Manuel Antonio beach
Bryanboy at Playa Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
Bryanboy under the sun drinking a bottle of Imperial beer in Manual Antonio
Afternoon alcoholic cocktails at Marlin restaurant, Manuel Antonio
Sunset on Playa Manuel Antonio beach

T-shirt and shorts by Missoni
Bracelet by Cartier
Watch by Rolex
Sunglasses by Etnia Barcelona (click HERE)


  1. You may feel like you look out of shape, but you so don’t look it! So perfect! Also those drinks look like just what I want (need though) right now.

  2. I can totally relate! I lived on an island for 6 years, always having the ability to go to the beach and unwind. But I was very insecure… So I didn’t go often. But now that I live in a country where it’s often raining, I learned to let go of my insecurities when on vacation! Love your outfit for the beach btw! X

  3. Bryan, hope you have a good time in my birth country, but please be careful about flashing your Rolex in Costa Rica.

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