All Suited Up

Written By bryanboy

Bryan, what are you wearing? A suit! Says who? Calvin Klein! Cher Horowitz called, she wants her dress back!

Every once in a while, I get this nagging voice at the back of my head to dress appropriately for my age. Sometimes, when I look at my photos, I find it hard to believe the person I’m staring at owns his busyness multi-media company. When that happens, the first thing I do is wear a suit. I guess its the executive realness in me talking. I feel like a grown up whenever I’m all suited up! I don’t know why. Anyway, Calvin Klein Collection sent me this suit a few months back and I resurrected it during Fashion Week in Milan. Am I a navy suit or a gray suit kind of guy? I can’t really tell because I love both colours though I must say I’m obsessed with gray lately.

Gray suit by Calvin Klein
Bryanboy wears a suit from Calvin Klein collection

Gray jacket, trousers from Calvin Klein Collection, shoes by Cividini


  1. You look amazing in a suit! And I still don’t feel grown up either, being “grown up” in a traditional way isn’t that desirable anyway, is it? I just love life the way it is now!


  2. Gray looks amazing on you! I’m sure you look good in navy too, but I think you’re a gray suit kinda guy:)

  3. Golden Cluless reference. You are definitely a grey suit kinda guy. I love this!


  4. A suit can make you feel grown up and accomplished however there is so much more room to show your personality and individual style through other men’s clothing. When I wear a suit it makes me feel indistinguishable among every other man who is wearing a suit. When I wear what I want without societies constrictions I feel inspired! What is regarded as dressing appropriately for your age? I hope when I am older I still remain true to my own sense of style regardless of my status and occupation.

    I do love how you have styled this suit though! Calvin Klein Collection is in a real resurgence at the moment and I am really enjoying their collections and fresh takes on classic Calvin Klein pieces. Regarding grey or blue I am loving monochrome grey looks at the moment and you pull it off so well here.

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