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I don’t know what it is but lately, I’m obsessed with simplicity. I love the idea of keeping everything to the bare minimum. Why carry a bulky bag when a small, clutch will do? Why bring a heavy wallet when there’s the lizard case option? Why wear a bangle when you can sport a chic, thin, gold bracelet? Why carry a packet of cigarettes and a lighter when you can get your nicotine fix via NJOY e-cigarettes? There’s something about well-chosen little things that pack a lot of punch.

Bryanboy's Essentials featuring Jason Wu Daphne bag in ivory

Jason Wu Daphne bag, “For The Love Of Fashion” book by Smythson of Bond Street, ivory leather iPhone 5 case by Adopted, watch and bracelet by Cartier, wallet by Vianel, sunglasses by Saint Laurent, NJOY e-cigarettes, altoids, Kiehl’s lip balm, mirror, bracelets by Ryan Porter


  1. Love the bag and the wallet. I think can get the wallet/organizer at jcrew! What do we do about the change? Tip away? I usually keep a pen and pad in my bag also.

  2. Love the bag! Simplicity is always one of the best styles, doesn’t have to be super fancy or extravagant.

  3. Well, I think I might have to check out that iPhone case. I do love that the trend on the runway seems to be heading toward smaller bags and clutches.

  4. discover your own one of a kind clutch to carry….made in cultured pearls? or from an antique kimono? or black lace? or hand-tooled embossed leather?

  5. I do love a small bag, especially when I’m out at night…but there’s something about a large tote with thin leather straps…ya know? The carry all bags…where everything you put in it gets lost at some point. I’m the girl who drops down to the ground to sift through the bag to find my lip gloss or metro card.

  6. I’m a fan of Simplicity… as to the famous three words “less is more”. You’ve been bookmarked BryanBoy ;) I’m a fan and a proud kababayan too xx

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