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Written By bryanboy

There was a time in my life when I used to carry (and check-in) designer luggage — back in the days when traveling was a luxury, you know, the odd once or twice a year vacation somewhere far-flung. Wind the clocks forward and traveling is no longer a luxury but an essential and necessary part of my work. I could be in Marrakech one week, Bali the next, and Sydney the other. There are days when I’d wake up in a hotel room and have no idea what time or what day of the week it was. A few friends of mine often joke how I travel more than a pilot.

When you log miles like crazy, it’s practical to ditch your pricey luggage in favor of something sturdy but cheap and disposable. I never understood all these people who are shocked, especially on twitter and instagram, why I use relatively inexpensive bags. For years, I used this unnamed black trolley/roller bag from Chinatown, bought for no more than $30 many years ago, and had traveled to more cities than James Bond. I dubbed the bag my ‘tranny case’ because it kept everything and EVERYTHING I needed, life essentials and all that. It was sturdy as fuck, have been with me through thick and thin, desert (Salt Flats, Utah) and through four feet of snow (Stockholm, Sweden). You should’ve seen how distraught I was when my modest trolley bag died earlier this year. I dropped it on an empty escalator at Zurich airport and the handles broke, rendering the poor case useless.

For two months, I couldn’t decide whether I should buy another inexpensive case or to go for an upgrade. I finally bit the bullet when I visited Bologna last week and bought myself a Louis Vuitton Keepall 45 and Pegasse 55 in the classic monogram canvas. They keyword here is CLASSIC. I could’ve opted for Goyard or something a little discreet such as Epi or Taiga leather at Vuitton but no. No, no, no, no, no no no. And NO to Damier canvas. I often think of the phrase ‘false humility’ whenever I see people carry Damier canvas because in their minds, they WANT something that screams “LOUIS VUITTON” but without the monograms so it’s kind of like counterproductive. Talk about a whole new level of cray. If you’re gonna go for Vuitton, go for the kill. More is more, pile on the logos, pile on the monograms. It doesn’t hurt to be obnoxious from time to time.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Keepall 45 and Pegasse 55 luggage
Bryanboy's Louis Vuitton monogram canvas luggage


  1. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts and experiences on your new LV luggage and the difference between the inexpencive models!

  2. Lazaro

    5K for 2 bags… I should have thought of being a blogger before…

  3. Your my idol Bryan great article and love your travels and photos, we include you in our list of fashion blogs to follow

  4. Hanna Larsson

    Love that! Totally agree with you on the damier subject haha! The bags look lush.

  5. Non non non !!!
    The iconic monograms is so …déjà vu
    I prefer now the damier Canvas
    Sorry darling even if you assume it perfectly

  6. The more expensive the check-in luggage, much more chances to be stolen stuff from it, or ” loose it”. I think incognito is much better.

  7. False humility sucks and not giving yourself what you deserve is even worse. You go girl!

  8. I love the LV luggage, I used to buy the lugagge in china town too and all the time i had to change it. You made a good choice.

  9. I’ve traveled the world in my L.V. saddle bag with long shoulder straps–I won’t tell you how old it is! Yesterday a girl stopped me on the street in San Francisco to admire my old staple–I told her this bag has seen the world–literally, through most airports from shacks to mega.

    Travel Safe Bryanboy!

    Janet Deleuse

  10. I love your new luggage! I think Damier canvas is all right for handbags and small leather goods but if you’re gonna buy Louis Vuitton luggage there is really no reason not to buy the classic monogram canvas. There’s really no feeling like strutting though an airport with iconic designer luggage by your side :)

  11. I agree, if you want designer luggage go for it! I had anLV carry on for over 20 up years and used that thing just about every day and it just looked better with age.

  12. I also stick to a sturdy suitcase, a Samsonite I believe, because it would break my heart to see a designer suitcase damaged (which happens almost every time you travel). I sincerely hope your LV will prove to be a reliable travel-compagnion. They look great!

  13. Luiz Rosa

    I love the selection and any Louis Vuitton luggage has great quality. I own the keepall 50 in the damier ebene. I like that print better and its the first print created by the brand.

  14. Definitely think this luggage looks great and is a fanastic investment. I would definitely go for mazimum monogramming on my LV luggage!

  15. Well, those types of bags you don’t check in, so they will never be soiled, beaten and thrown around. That luggage size is the biggest size that can be hand carried inside the plane.

  16. LeMagnifique

    Welcome to my world. I have got the same luggage ha ha…: )
    But I am partial to the Damier range in grey ( everyday messenger bag, wallet etc..).

  17. These look like a good carry on size if need be… Plus I love the monogramed initials. I wasn’t big on doing so, BUT on LV without a doubt I agree- ever since I saw Greta Garbo’s use of monograms on her affects at the auction I’m on board!

  18. I love big bags, and suitcases, but I’m sorry… I love LV quality products and fashion (not all of it), but I would never carry a suitcase with the logo on it, it’s not my taste.

  19. William

    Shall consider rimowa. Personally i’m still prefer Rimowa for suitcase.

  20. I would be probably afraid somebody would steal the big luggage from me since its Louis Vuitton :D.

  21. I would be probably afraid someone could steal the luggage from me :D.

  22. Hi I have a question. Deciding weather to buy a new Keepall I already have the Pegasse 55 in Damier, is it really best to buy the same Keepall in the same colour Damier Design as my Pegasse? For a straight guy I have no clue but everyone says I need to have a set complete. I already have the Keepall same design color damier in a 50 looking for a new 45 now?

  23. I already have a pegasse. I am look to get a nother bag to go with it but the problem I am haveing is I don’t want to check anything in. I want a Carrie on
    So my question is can the keepall 45 be used as a personal bag?

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