Disarm And Cross-Check

Written By bryanboy

Believe it or not, my summer started earlier than what I thought. I bypassed the winter months earlier this year by hibernating in Los Angeles and scorching Bali to film ANTM’s Cycle 20 (it will premiere on the CW this August 2). Since then, I went to similar, very sunny cities around the world — Singapore, Sydney, Marrakesh, Rabat, Casablanca, every imaginable city in Orange County, California, Mexico City, Florence, Bologna, San Francisco and now, to top it all of, Ibiza. When I was much younger, I like to spend hours and hours tanning but now that I’m of a certain age (and in order to preserve what’s left of my so-called questionable youthful looks), I try to limit sun exposure to the bare minimum. It was challenging to do so in Ibiza where everyone is pretty much naked. Don’t get me started on the geriatric nudists on Salinas beach; what has been seen cannot be unseen. After days of hiding under the beach towels and umbrellas, I thought to myself, fuck it. Embrace the tan, embrace the brown, just… embrace it all.

Bryanboy wearing Replay Jeans checkered shirt and shorts in Ibiza
A very tanned Bryanboy on Playa Talamanca, Ibiza
Green and black checkered shirt by Replay jeans
Bryanboy in Talamanca, Ibiza wearing Replay jeans
Green denim shorts by Replay Jeans
Green check shirt by Replay Jeans

Sunglasses, shirt and shorts by Replay Jeans, sandals by Marni, watch and bracelet by Cartier.


  1. Mitch Parker

    You look amazing! The sandals are so pretty. I like your style, Bryan. I totally love your outfit. :-)

  2. Just love the colour, all nuances that go from green to blue, amazing. They suit me very well to, we should shoot some pics together, wearing this colour!! I would look great beside you with my blue eyes, and big nose, what a contrast!!!!

    Jana H.

    No, seriously, love the outfit.

  3. Jessie Bryant

    I like your attitude, Bryan! Embrace it all! Fun starts when you’re accepting everything.

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