Watch Now: John Galliano on Charlie Rose

Written By bryanboy

Here are a few snippets from John Galliano’s first television interview (on Charlie Rose) following his ousting at Christian Dior.

Click HERE to watch the full interview.


  1. i cried while watching this, i felt the truthfulness and the pain… everyone makes mistakes and so does he. he should be given a second chance as everyone else!

  2. Kat Bradshore

    I’ve just watched the full interview. The bottom line is, he’s just a human being. We also feel that way sometimes. Anyway, I will always love him. :-)

  3. He is an amazing designer and I applaud him for this very honest interview. You could feel the rawness and sincerity in him. He doesn’t think of his answers but he just lets out what he really feels. I am anxiously waiting for his comeback. I hope he takes it step by step. Go John! :)

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