Mean Girl

Written By bryanboy

While the Milan menswear shows are going on, I flew back to Los Angeles for some non-fashiony tasks. I had to do some audio for a project I’m working on and then there’s Lindsey and Tyler’s wedding in Huntington Beach. After the wedding, Queenie drove me to Newport Beach for some fun in the sand. I’m so glad I raided Rumi’s closet beforehad though because I had nothing appropriate to wear. I flew in straight from Florence and all my clothes were dirty as fuck not to mention inappropriate. I found this strong tank top with the oh-so-famous Mean Girls You Can’t Sit With Us quote by Brandy Melville from her arsenal and boy oh boy…

Bryanboy in Newport Beach, California
Bryanboy wearing a You Can't Sit With Us tank top by Brandy Melville in Newport Beach
You Can't Sit With Us Tshirt by Brandy Melville
Bryanboy wearing an Emporio Armani jacket and You Can't Sit With Us Top by Brandy Melville

You Can’t Sit With Us” tank top by Brandy Melville, shorts by MTWTFSS Weekday Collection, bag by 3.1 Phillip Lim, jacket by Emporio Armani, sandals by Studio Pollini  (click HERE)


  1. I love your STYLE!!!… love your SLOGAN tee and SHORT shorts and underwear brand hanging out… LOVE it!!!.. AND also love your hoodie camo green jacket… I’m truly your inspiration and style ICON!!.. and keep going!!..

    please check out my new blog :

    thank you, BryanBoy

  2. Lenny Polley

    Wow! I love your jacket and sandals! You are really awesome, Bryan!

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