It was our third day in Rabat and we decided to break away from the rest of the group to do a little bit of exploring. Our first stop was the Kasbah, which we had assumed there was only one. We thought we were headed to Kasbah Des Oudaias, but ended up instead at what our driver told us was Kasbah Chellah.

Kasbah Chellah was the site of an ancient Roman city and necropolis. A local guide tagged along behind us, insisting we be accompanied. But after many protests in broken French, he left us on our own.

As we wound our way into the maze of crumbling buildings and ruins, we began to notice the many ancient gravestones as well as the immense stork nests perched among the tops of the walls and arches. The site had a strangely eerie feeling. While our visit to Kasbah Chellah was completely accidental, I have to say that I’m glad we made the trip.

Bryanboy wearing a Ferragamo jacket and sweater at Kasbah Chellah in Rabat, Morocco

Ancient ruins at Kasbah Chellah Rabat, Morocco
On me: Hat by Burton, sunglasses by Prada, sweater and jacket by Salvatore Ferragamo, belt by Giorgio Armani, jeans by MiH Jeans, bracelet and watch by Cartier, shoes by Salvatore Ferragamo

On Queenie: Hat, shirt, scarf by Giorgio Armani

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Kasbah Chellah Rabat Maroc
Bryanboy wearing a Salvatore Ferragamo jacket from Spring Summer 2013 collection
Bryanboy at Kasbah Chellah, Rabat Morocco
Queenie in Giorgio Armani plaid shirt and scarf
Kasbah Chella, Rabat, Morocco
Arches at Kasbah Chellah, Morocco
Queenie in Giorgio Armani under the arches at Kasbah Chella Ruins, Morocco
Kasbah Chella, Rabat Morocco
Kasbah Chellah Ruins in Rabat, Morocco
Small garden at Kasbah Chella in Rabat, Morocco