U Kane’t Touch This!

Written By bryanboy

I love a good Christopher Kane print. Especially when it features scary creatures inspired by old horror films. It’s not every day that I wear fleece sweatshirts and sweat pants but this graphic, head-to-ankle look from Christopher Kane is asking for it. Perfect for mincing around the airport or hustling the city streets.

Bryanboy in Florence wearing a Christopher Kane sweatshirt from Fall/winter 2013
Bryanboy wearing Christopher Kane sweatshirt and fleece trackpants from fall/winter 2013 collection
Bryanboy in fleece Christopher Kane hoodie and sweat pants from fall/winter 2013

Christopher Kane sweatshirt (click HERE), Christopher Kane fleece track pants (click HERE), Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers (click HERE). All at Luisa Via Roma.


  1. Hello,Bryan,i am Royal Wang,a student from China,now in milan for education,i always love fashion and culture,but for some reasons,i do not have that chance studying some majors about fashion and culture,but i think the passion on fashion is more important than everything else.so thinking about this i start writing my personal blog called fashion&culture diary,to be frank,you are my original blog idol,for some situation it is your blog encourages me running my personal blog.I know i am a very new blogger so i really hope there is someone like you could spur on me on blogging.

  2. Hi Bryan,

    You still look gorgeous even you’re wearing a scary outfit. I would love to try that print. I’m sure my nephews will be scared like sh##. :-D

  3. 123ert

    what better model to sport such a horror-themed piece other than yourself <3

  4. This track suit is brilliant! I normally have a strong dislike for such active wear sets, but I feel labels like Christopher Kane and KTZ are really starting to bring such pieces to a more high end and fashionable level.

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