Overcast Forecast, Zurich

Written By bryanboy

Oh Zurich. Why haven’t I discovered you sooner? The afternoon we arrived in Zurich, Queenie and I were met with the most amazing weather. But of course, when we decided to go and explore the city the following morning, the city was covered by gray skies.

A lot of people wouldn’t consider Zurich one of the liveliest cities in the world, but I can definitely say that it is one of my favorites in Europe. I was amazed at how clean and manicured everything was! The old, ornate buildings were stacked neatly together in an almost random order, but it gave a kind of charm to the whole experience. Also, the small burst of colors on window shutters or small details on buildings caught my eye. You REALLY get a feel for how much money there is in that city. Afterall, it’s a city of bankers…

Bryanboy in Zurich, Switzerland

One me: bag and shoes by Valentino, trousers by Paul Smith, shirt and pocket square by Zegna, hat by Duckie Brown for Perry Ellis

Bryanboy sporting a Cartier Watch in Zurich, Switzerland
Queenie in Zurich, Switzerland
Zurich skyline
Teehaus Wuhre, Zurich Switzerland
Bryanboy standing in front of a lake in Zurich city center
French windows in Zurich, Switzerland
Overcast skies in Zurich, Switzerland
Zurich old architechture
Haus zur Glocke, Zurich
Bryanboy wearing Valentino bag and shoes
Swiss flags in city center, Zurich
Swiss flag in Zurich, Switzerland


  1. iheartgph

    You look great, BB!!!! Grey is my favorite color. I hope you continue to enjoy Zurich!

  2. hendrik skyler

    Zurich is one of my fave city ever, glad that you finally found it!
    Love your look and shoot, thank you for bring beauty memories back! awesome.

    ps. what bothering me?why Quennie always on the pictures…you look great by your own. don’t brought any unnecessary attribute. you don’t need it. really!

  3. Katie

    I happen to love it when you feature Queenie. G
    He’s adorbs, and it is interesting to get a glimpse into your personal world. You look amazing, natch. Keep up the excellent blogging!

  4. I was all “oooh love the outfit and setting” until i scrolled down and saw the trainers… Why? I’m waiting for this weird trend to disappear finally. xx Sabrina

  5. Great photography! I’ve always wanted to go to Europe, and I will surely add this on my travel destination. Btw, it’s so nice of you to always wear fashionable outfits! Love it so much. :)

  6. Hanna

    Wow sweetie, can’t stop looking at these pictures. The outfit is amazing. Love it. xx

  7. Nice pics. Your trainers look great with the elegant blazer. Classic and fun stuff together, like it.
    And I live in Germany, have never been to Switzerland though, it’s a country I need to visit, thank you!!!

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