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Written By bryanboy

I love my labels. I really do. Who doesn’t? Who doesn’t like to wear things that people can easily identify? Fashion, thanks to its multi-billion dollar global advertising budgets, has a way of making identifiable things ultra desirable. The more identifiable an item or a brand is, the higher the value goes.

Anyway, believe it or not, some of my favourite purchases don’t come with a label attached to them. I recently bought this python skin jacket and shorts in Bali for a fraction of what it might retail for elsewhere. The shorts were about US$150, almost the same as a pair of cotton shorts in America! The quality isn’t the same, of course, but it’s not bad either.

Python jacket from Bali
Python skin jacket and shorts from Bali

Hat: Perry Ellis by Duckie Brown, sunglasses by Karen Walker (click HERE), bracelets by Hermes and Cartier, watch by Cartier, shirt by COS


  1. namso

    Hey BB, I’m headed to Bali next week
    Where did you score the jacket in Bali?

  2. Glad to see your original style coming back. I think I can speak for most of your readers when I say: We miss what you used to wear. You used to be on top of your fashion game. Go back to the outfits like the facebook picture on the right of your page.


  3. Sometimes its not all about the labels or brands, but buying something because you like it!

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