The Great Gatsby (1974) vs The Great Gatsby (2013)

Written By bryanboy

Somehow it feels as if the whole world is touting and hyping The Great Gatsby (2013) as the movie of the year. I’ve read the book (by F. Scott Fitzgerald) and saw the 1974 film a long time ago but I want to see Baz Luhrmann’s epic rendition purely for the stunning production and visuals.

2013 featuring Leonardo DiCaprio

1974 featuring Robert Redford


  1. I love to see the new movie. Have not seen Leo in a movie for long. But at the same time I like Robert Redford, what a man. I guess I would die of distress if I saw the old slow version but I don’t now if I would like the new either. Maybe, I did like Moulin Rouge. But why do they all have bad endings?

  2. Leonardo, for me one of the best actors of our generation. I never understand why people think he is the tipical good looking hollywood star, for me he is different, humble and a great artist.


  3. I’m really excited to see this rendition. What Baz Luhrmann did with Romeo + Juliet was so innovative and exciting. I’m thrilled we get the opportunity to see another classic from his eyes!

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