Saint Laurent Paris Fall 2013 Preview

Written By bryanboy

As you guys already know, I skipped the Fall/Winter 2013 shows in Europe due to filming engagements in Los Angeles. Now that I’m back home in New York, I thought I’d take the time out to view everything that I’ve missed. I recently popped by the Saint Laurent Paris showroom uptown the other day for a quick re-see. As always, it’s so different to see the garments up close. I found Hedi Slimane’s collection ultra luxe, extremely well-made, not to mention highly wearable. And relevant! I love the youthful energy and vibe. Some of the pieces are even downright unisex! My personal favourite items include: the white rabbit fur jacket (women’s) and coat (men’s) dyed to resemble ermine fur, the luscious mohair cardigans, the unisex shoes (they released a number of ultra classic yet edgy black biker boots, one of which came even came embellished), the mammoth salmon fox fur chubby coat, and a wide variety of strong jackets and statement capes.

Saint Laurent Paris Fall Winter 2013 by Hedi Slimane
Fall Winter 2013 mohair cardigan by Saint Laurent Paris
Saint Laurent Paris Fall Winter 2013 handbags
Fall Winter 2013 Saint Laurent Paris embellished biker boots
Fall Winter 2013 Saint Laurent Paris collection by Hedi Slimane
Plaid dress by Saint Laurent Paris
Salmon pink fox fur coat by Saint Laurent Paris
White rabbit fur jacket by Saint Laurent Paris

Click HERE (Luisa Via Roma) and HERE (Net-a-Porter) to shop Saint Laurent Paris.


  1. Glad to know you are living the dream you’ve been dreaming ever since, BB. Been following your blog since the early 2000’s and I always read your entries eveytime I have the chance. Sometimes when my officemates or friends outside catch me reading your blog, they’d ask me who you are and WTF is your relevance, and I’d be happy to oblige and give them some info about you and your blog, the BB bag, Marc Jacobs, Anna Wintour, whatever and they’d either gasp in awe or roll their eyes. haha. Anways, I think this is my first comment ever (after, like, 5 or 6 years ago) and just wanna say hi. I’m not into fashion, I just love reading and looking at some fashion blogs, especially if there’s humor in them, like yours! Brava, BB! Keep it up!

  2. This is awsome, beautiful clothes. I love hangers full of clothing. The quality is incredible, it shows.
    thanks for sharing


  3. Well, it’s a relief to hear that the collection is well-made and luxurious, because at the runway pictures it didn’t look like that.

  4. It’s so odd, if you had shown these photos to me without informing that they were Saint Laurent F/W, I would have NEVER thought them as such. The difference between them on the hanger and how Hedi styled the runway is drastic, but in a good way. I actually LIKE the clothes here, and it’s good to know that they are well made [which wasn’t obvious during the show].

    Goes to show the importance of the ‘whole package’ during a presentation!

    xoxo, Em

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