Bienvenido a la Ciudad de México!

Written By bryanboy

Hola mamacita! Hola papi chulo! Despite all my world travels, I had never been to Mexico. It seemed appropriate that Mexico City be my introduction. I’ve heard so many things about this megalopolis — glorious food, terrible traffic, and plenty of pollution, but to be honest, as I stepped off the plane, I had absolutely no idea what to expect.

I had a long list of places to visit in the city, but at the top was the Centro Historico, or the historical center of Mexico City. At its heart was the Zocalo, a plaza lined with immense buildings with ancient facades stained by the pollution and hundreds of years of rich history. Standing at the center of it all, listening to the bells of the cathedral, I felt as though I could have easily been in some other old-world European city.

Bryanboy outside Museum Nacional de Arte Mexico City

Queenie and I left our hotel, the Condesa DF in Condesa, at the crack of dawn to beat the crowds and traffic. We spent the entire morning wandering around and paid our dues at some of the old, very old fixtures, such as the Palacio Nacional, Cathedral Metropolitana, Palacio de Bellas Artes, Museo Nacional de Arte and Palacio de Correos. We got back to the hotel just in time to make the last call for breakfast. We couldn’t have had a more productive morning!

On me: Saint Laurent Paris polka-dot button-down shirt (click HERE to buy), 3.1 Phillip Lim shorts (click HERE to buy), patent leather brogues by Gucci (click HERE to buy). On Queenie: Theory shirt, Prada backpack, All Saints jeans.

Flag of Mexico
Bryanboy in front of Metropolitan Cathedral Mexico City
Metropolitan Cathedral Mexico City
Bryanboy walking in Mexico City
Mexico City architecture
Bryanboy and Mexico City phone booth
Queenie at Centro Historico Mexico City
Mexico City Lottery Tickets
Mexico City Centro Historico
Bryanboy in Saint Laurent Paris shirt in Mexico City
Hemiciclo a Juárez Mexico City
Palacio de Bellas Artes Mexico City
Palace of Fine Arts Mexico City
Bryanboy outside Palacio de Bellas Artes Mexico
Queenie outside Palacio de Bellas Artes
Bryanboy at Condesa DF Hotel restaurant
Bryanboy having breakfast at Condesa DF Hotel Mexico City
Fashion Blogger Bryanboy at Condesa DF hotel for breakfast
Queenie at Condesa DF Hotel Mexico City
Orange juice and coffee at Condesa DF Hotel Mexico City
Condesa DF Hotel Courtyard cafe


  1. iheartgph

    Que envidia, Bryanboy! I hope you have a great time — I love DF so much too! Wonderful pictures :)

  2. Hi Bryan! I have been a long time admirer and fan of yours. You are mainly 1 of the reasons why I started blogging 1 year ago. :)

    I am a Hotel and Restaurant Blogger based in Singapore, and I greatly admire your style of writing and blogging. You can see in my blog my style is closely similar to yours.

    I have access to all the Boutique 5 Star Hotels in Singapore and in Asia because they are all sponsoring me for stays in their hotels. I hope to one day collaborate or work with you. It will be a HUGE honor for me.

    Thank you

    Hotel & Restaurant Blogger

  3. Michelle DH

    I’m si glad you enjoy Mexico! I hope you come back soon :)


    HOLA!!! I´m so glad that you had been at my country, hope that you enjoy it. Come back again soon.


  5. Awesome! I really love Mexico City, one of my favorite places. Xoxo(;

  6. <3
    I love your style brooo ! :-) You are super duper gorgeous and your pics are very polished and cute :-3 !! Oh.. alsoo that is so cool that you like Mexico, & I really want to visit there sometime now that I read your blog !

  7. These pictures have resulted in me desperately desiring to visit the Mexican capital and to head out and finally buy the 5d not only because of the image quality but because of the oh so beautiful way it blends with those BryanBoy x Adrienne Landau fur camera straps, by far the best accessory of the year.


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