1. Wonderlfull I have been there and i have to point out, the show is fantastic , the video, too ! The know how to present fashion ! By the way , your blog is cool :-)

    Greets from Zurich Ed

  2. That’s one of the most beautiful fashion show I’ve ever seen, the place, music, everything is perfect. It reminds me of The Great Gatsby :)

  3. Hi Bryan, you’ve got some great work here! We should connect sometime so I can show you how to make money doing this!

  4. Here is a thing,i have got a deep understanding by watching this viedo than just simply see the runway image.i can see the details and the fabrics,the clipping is flowing,but what most amazed me is the way of the models appearing on the stage,very creativity.Live long the Louis Vuitton,Live long Marc Jacbos

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