Crystal Cove Beach

Written By bryanboy

Time has flown since I arrived in Southern California; it’s become quite evident that beaches are a huge part of the local culture. Queenie’s been wanting to show me around Orange County. So, after taping, we headed out to see some of the beaches. Each beach I’ve visited was more beautiful than the next. But like many things in life, beauty can often be deceptive. From the sand to the sunshine, everything was perfect—expect for the water, which turned out to be fucking freezing. I guess I’ll have to wait until the summer.

Bryanboy wearing a floral Balenciaga t-shirt

T-shirt by Balenciaga (click HERE to buy), watch by Cartier, shorts by Timo, shoes by Prada

Click click click!

Bryanboy in Balenciaga t-shirt at Crystal Cove Beach
Queenie at Crystal Cove, Orange County
Crystal Cove State Park, Orange County
Crystal Cove beach, California
Crystal Cove State Park Beach, Orange County, California
Queenie looking at the sunset at Crystal Cove State Park, California
Crystal Cove State Park Beach, California


  1. iheartpgh

    Welcome to Orange County! (The OC’s been my county for the past five years — after being half-raised in the Philippines and half-raised in the Bay Area.) Enjoy your stay!

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