Bryanboy x Adrienne Landau Pre-Order

Written By bryanboy

As you guys already know, I recently collaborated with Adrienne Landau. My unisex collection of colourful fur accessories feature standout items like camera straps, bow ties, hats, scarves and cowls. They are available in different types of fur such as mink, rex rabbit, raccoon and fox. The color palette ranges from deep shades of dewberry purple and shamrock green to sapphire blue, soft lilac, china rose and poppy yellow. I love the idea of using colour and fur as a personal punctuation mark!

I’m thrilled to announce that my pieces are now available for pre-order. Pre-ordering guarantees availability and on-time delivery of merchandise. The first batch of orders will be shipped on July 15, in synch with retailers who will carry my collection. My furs are also gonna be available at select retail outlets worlwide, including Barney’s. I’ll keep you posted once we have the final roster.

Click HERE to pre-order pieces from my collection with Adrienne Landau!

Bryanboy at the launch of the Bryanboy x Adrienne Landau collection
Bryanboy for Adrienne Landau launch at the Mondrian Hotel New York
Bryanboy with Carolina Engman of Fashion Squad
Adrienne Landau at the launch of Bryanboy x Adrienne Landau collection
Pink furs collection
Rabbit and mink fur bow ties
Blue furs
Bryanboy x Adrienne Landau rabbit fur camera straps
Bryanboy x Adrienne Landau double-ply rabbit fur scarf


  1. Just want to say that I’m super stoked for this collection to come out! I found out about through Women’s Wear Daily and was like “This is too amazing” I did a blog post on the news of your collaboration!! I wish you much luck and I hope you will have many more where this cam from!

  2. Those colors are just too cute. I love the fur. BB you look hot in those shades. xo ritu of The Stylester

  3. Do you have ethical concerns relating to the fur industry? If so did you consider these in the sourcing/choice of the fur?

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