American Dream

Written By bryanboy

Oh the American Dream. What I like most about living in the USA is that anyone and everyone has the right and the opportunity to be whoever they want to be. Unlike in a lot of countries, even people born in privilege have to put in some work because it’s frowned upon by most to rely on handouts. This is a nation built on the premise that hard work and merit can get you somewhere in this world. It’s all about pursuing your dreams and making it happen. I have big dreams, of course, but sometimes, I like to chill the fuck out on the front porch with a bottle of ice-cold beer.

Bryanboy sitting on the front porch
Bryanboy in Fullerton, California


  1. Migel Ross Girauld

    The most inspiring blog from the most inspiring blogger. Thank you for reminding me to dream. And then live the dream. Cheers!

  2. Pity this doesn’t apply to the so-called ”bible belt” where you’d probably be shot for being gay etc. but still! I love that ‘chill the fuck out..’ line ;D In Ireland we don’t eeven have priveliged people -full stop- so everyone has always had to work hard! LOL

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