1. Oh my god this was so helpful. I am definitely working on finding my own voice, which is one of the biggest reasons why the most famous blogs are the most famous blogs. But I don’t think that I can imagine dreading going to a fashion show.

  2. This was sooo helpful!! I’ve read your blog but never heard you speak, and it was really cool to get you know your thoughts about your blog and how you want to inspire/entertain/and incite emotion in your readers. Yours is an inspirational story.

    And your bags are envy-inducing.

    Rock on!!

  3. I can’t express how grateful i am that you guys made this video, so insightful and inspirational. i pray and hope my blog can inspire others just as how your blogs inspired me…….one more thing i love how down to earth and humble you all are…so cool!! #major!

  4. This was really helpful, there isn’t any instructions/manual out there for starting a blog and I really appreciated hearing all the different experiences and viewpoints. Congrats on all your successes and thank you!


  5. great pointers! I like that you guys brought up on what’s going on “behind-the-scenes” and how to deviate from others

  6. That was a really helpful video! Thanks for posting that. It was so sweet that you guys put people on vid chat. Also, what you guys said about finding your own voice was very inspirational. I guess that’s something you have to do in life and in blogging though.

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