The 48 Hour Trip: From Florence to Bangkok (Part 2)

Written By bryanboy

The high-speed train ride from Florence to Milan was so smooth I pretty much slept throughout the entire journey. One of the attendants woke me up just minutes before arriving into Milan’s Central Station.

Milano Centrale

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I love taking the trains in Europe but I hate Italian train stations. There’s no such thing as luggage carts on the platforms. I had to haul three suitcases with my bare hands from the train, to the platform and out of the Stazione Centrale.

Stazione de Milano Centrale

Now it’s time to take the hour-long drive to Milan Malpensa airport by taxi.

Outside Stazione Centrale Milano

At Milan Malpensa, I boarded my flight to Zurich. Arrivederci Milano! Arrivederci Italia! I’ve never been so happy to get the fuck out of my beloved Italy at long last. The flight to Zurich was very short. Thirty five minutes to be exact. I loved the stunning view of the Swiss Alps.

View of the Swiss Alps from a Swiss flight to Zurich
Snow-covered mountains in Switzerland

This is beautiful. Wish I used my DSLR…

Cloud and mist-covered mountains of Switzerland

Upon arrival at Zurich airport, I went to the Swiss airlines First Class lounge and got myself a day room. I had a seven-hour long layover and wanted some private time to myself — ie take a nap, etc. My day room reminded me of my Amsterdam Yotel airport hotel experience except the Swiss First Class Lounge day room was much larger that the Yotel room.

Swiss First Class Lounge day room

My day room was well-equipped. I had my own private bathroom and shower facilities.

Private bathroom and shower facilities inside the Swiss First Class lounge dayroom

I took a nap for a few hours and when I got up, I felt a bit peckish. I went to the lounge dining area…

Swiss First Class lounge dining area

I had some soup and a wee bit of fish.

fish served at Swiss first class lounge zurich

I also walked around Zurich airport. It’s one of my favourite airports in the world. I’d rank it third. My fave is Hong Kong airport followed by Frankfurt. I tried some watches, but I’m watching my finances like a hawk so I didn’t buy anything. Not even a pack of gum.

Zurich airport

Zurich airport Swiss airplanes

After my snack, I went to the Smoker’s Bar upstairs for a glass of wine and a cigarette.

Smokers Bar at Swiss lounge, Zurich

Instead of walking through the massive airport, Swiss made me rode this van which brought me directly to my gate.

Swiss van for boarding gate

It’s boarding time! My First Class seat for this long haul flight from Zurich to Bangkok is seat 1A.

Seat 1A from Zurich to Bangkok


Champagne on Swiss first class Zurich to Bangkok

Starters were served a few minutes after take-off. Swift and efficient.

Starters on Swiss first class flight from Zurich to Bangkok

Some soup

Soup served on Swiss first class from Zurich to Bangkok

A little salad

Swiss First Class from Zurich to Bangkok salad

I’ve never had rabbit as an inflight meal before so why not? By the way, it was delicious.

Rabbit ragout served on Swiss first class from Zurich to Bangkok

I watched ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid” during my meal though I didn’t finish the film.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

I also skipped desert because I got too full and too tired. Decided to get some shuteye instead.

I slept for the most part of my flight with no interruptions whatsoever.

During descent, I read a copy of the latest issue of CN Traveler. I wanna go to India again so bad.

CN Traveler India

Time to pack up my belongings!

Swiss First Class legroom

The skyline around the airport area. We’re close to Bangkok!

Bangkok airport skyline

Touchdown! At long last.

Touching down at Bangkok airport

This lady picked me up from the airplane gate as soon as I disembarked the plane. I rode this small vehicle, dealt with immigration and got my bags in no time. She stayed with me until she brought me to my chauffeur in Bangkok.

Airport arrival assistance in Bangkok

I’m in Bangkok! Yeehaw!

Bangkok Airport

It took about an hour and a half to go from the airport to my hotel because of the infamous Bangkok traffic jam.

Bangkok traffic jam

I checked in at the Siam Kempinski hotel and went straight to my room. I have three hours to kill. But allow me to take advantage of the swimming pool for a few minutes before I begin my official duties.

Bryanboy at Siam Kempinski Bangkok swimming pool

I love Bangkok!


  1. this was nice…very nice made.
    When I saw the images of Milano, that gray winter time feeling came up, brrrrrrrrr, I’ve lived that for quite some time. Flying over the Alps, great (I’ve born there). I’m feeling very lucky to be in a hotter place at the moment, Sydney.
    Keep posting these kind of stories,
    makes me travel as well a bit more often.

  2. “I also walked around Zurich airport. It’s one of my favourite airports in the world. I’d rank it third. My fave is Hong Kong airport followed by Frankfurt…”

    how would you rate NAIA? :D

  3. OMG ! wow . i must tell you byran, you live a Kingsize life.! lucky you travelling all around the world. and i also remembered both of your indian trip , one with fashion week and another in jaipur-delhi-agra trip. wish you will be back soon to india and i am going to see you!

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