It’s been a KRAYYYYZEEE 48 hours. The journey started at Florence airport where I checked in my bags for my flight to Frankfurt.

Bryanboy's luggage at Florence Airport

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I got two boarding passes — Business class to Frankfurt and First Class to Bangkok.

A few minutes before departure time, the airport announced that my flight, along with a few other flights, were cancelled due to the fog situation in Florence.

Cancelled flights at Florence Airport

Fog in Florence

We were instructed to go to the ticket desk to rebook alternative flights. There were at least 30 people in front of my on the queue and there was only 1 guy handling everyone.

Lufthansa Ticket Desk at Florence Airport

To keep my sanity intact, I called my agent’s assistant to let her know about my situation. I also called my boyfriend and a few friends. I also called Lufthansa in Germany to rebook my ticket over the phone because it’s gonna take forever if I waited on the queue.

Twenty minutes later, they found a flight for me the next day. I left the queue and went to a hotel for the night. I had dinner…

Dinner at Starhotels Tuscany, Firenze

… and went to my room. I couldn’t sleep because I was so worried how I’m gonna get out of Italy in time. My trip to Bangkok is a very important business trip. I can’t fuck it up. What else to do? Well, I smoked some ciggies while staring at my ceiling.

Smoking room at Starhotels Tuscany

I made videos for my boyfriend and facetimed with my friends.

YouTube Preview Image

Then I went to sleep. I woke up at a very ungodly hour, went online, then had breakfast.

Breakfast at Starhotels Tuscany, Firenze

After dropping the kids, I got a phone call…

Bryanboy taking poo

At 9AM, the airline called me on my cellphone and told me that once again, they are cancelling my flight. I somehow conditioned myself to expect for the worse because the fog hasn’t cleared in the morning.

I told them to reroute me. We agreed that I’m gonna fly from Milan to go to Zurich and from Zurich to Bangkok. Next thing you know, I booked a train ticket online, re-packed my bags again, and rushed to Florence train station. It was a fucking bitch to drag three suitcases from the station to the train because Italian train stations have NEVER heard of something called a trolley. Or a cart. Anyway, I boarded the Frecciarossa high-speed train to Milan. I had the whole car to myself. Pure luxury.

Frecciarossia from Firenze to Milano

The train ride took an hour and forty five minutes. The seat was so comfortable I must say it’s the first time I’ve fallen asleep on a train.

YouTube Preview Image

To be continued….