Dreaming of the Beach

Written By bryanboy

It’s 5AM here in New York City and I couldn’t sleep. I can’t decide whether it’s the jet lag from my recent trip to Seoul or the fact that I’m trying to get caught up with all my work deliverables. I find it amusing how I constantly talk about “work” blah blah blah… yet at the same time, a huge bulk of it isn’t visible on a computer screen. Ah well. I guess what happens behind-the-scenes is for my personal pleasure only.

I always think of the beach whenever I get stressed. What about you? I think I need a proper beach holiday. The idea of spending a week in a remote island with blue skies, crystal-clear waters, gorgeous sand, no internet access or cellphone signal sounds sooo heavenly right now.

Bryanboy wearing jewelry from Noritamy
Noritamy jewelry worn by Bryanboy
Tel Aviv Israel Beach

Bracelet and ring by Noritamy (click HERE)


  1. Love the ring! And I’m going to Pattaya 2 weeks later, can’t wait for the sun, sand and beach….you’re right, beach holidays are the best ever!

  2. LeMagnifique

    You look so melancholic in those pictures.They reminded me of ‘Death in Venice’. You and your other other half should fly away to The Maldives for ten days. In the meantime, meditate. It is brilliant for stressful lifestyles like yours. All the best, L : )

  3. Franklord Peña

    I so love the beach too <3 I love chilling and having some sun and me bonding while staying away form the polluted heat of the metro and buzzing horns of the transpos. Beach is such refreshing :) Love You BB

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