1. Plutogray

    That was so fab and hilarious. Love the shorts with all the jackets.


  2. Gabriele

    Omg I love you ahahah that was hilarious!
    I love your accent in italian.
    Love from Sardinia, Italy

  3. Mama mia – ho divertito tantissimo! I enjoyed the video so much! Devi parlare di più in Italiano e spero di guardare un nuovo video. You have to speak more Italian & I hope to see another video like this!

    Btw, I am sharing this int’l giveaway!
    ASOS Red Valentine’s Dress Giveaway


    Let me know what you think about
    My latest outfit post!

    Ciao – alla prossima! Un bacione!!!

  4. Michèle Mayrand

    Carissimo Bryan, sei geniale! Quanto mi hai fatto ridere! My favorite line: “La collazione: 5 olive!” Tanti bacioni da Montréal xxxxx

  5. Just come across your blog and must say I have a mixture of feelings. I feel sad for you in the way you are not down to earth at all. I also has to be exhausting to be living this character you have created. The worst part of this is not that you dont seem to know what the real world outside there is, but the fact that you seem to be living a poor life. I bet you feel alone most of the time, and try to fullfill that loneliness with this world you have created. I will also bet my left hand you cry quite a lot when no one sees you. How long will this last Bryanboy?

  6. OMG. Was that a true smile as you played the piano? That is, not some simpering posed pout? More of that realism, please – – looks good on you.

  7. Good thing this was in Italian, otherwise i wouldn’t be doing homework. Your Italian was actually good. Italian Students>Other Languages

    Bene oggi bella (I think? Oh well)

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