MTV Europe Awards 2012 Frankfurt

Written By bryanboy

Oh, the things we wear! Here’s one for the books. As you guys know, my friend Eleonora and I recently went to Frankfurt for the 2012 MTV Europe Awards and we were guests of Replay jeans. I thought it would be fun to be cheeky and wear Replay denim overalls to the red carpet. Farmer in the dell, why not? If I wore a suit (with sunglasses) like I usually do on the red carpet, I’m afraid that those Germans would think of me as Psy, gangnam-style and all that. Haha! ;-)

Bryanboy in Replay at MTV Europe Awards 2012
Denim overalls by Replay Jeans

Fun times all around!


  1. You look adorable as usual, but that belt is crazy high… like Clint Eastwood spoofed on SNL high, girl!

  2. Laurent LeMagnifique

    Not too bad. You should have swapped accessories with your lady friend darling.

  3. I love their style! Very creative!

    I haven’t worn overalls in years but these are very stylish :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Maybe for Hamburg street-walking or Berlin clubbing darling, but otherwise – no. It’s not even ‘so wrong, it’s right’. Definitely not one of your better moments.

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