Merhaba Istanbul!

Written By bryanboy

Hi guys! I’m here in the magnificent city of Istanbul, Turkey. I’m terribly sorry for the lack of blog entries as of late as I have been ultra busy living my insane life. I went from Tel Aviv (which I still need to blog about — very soon), to New York, to Hong Kong, to New York again, to Frankfurt, to New York again and now I’m in Istanbul. It’s one trip on top of each other, back to back, with so many events in between. The car ride from Istanbul airport to my hotel at six o’clock in the morning felt ultra cinematic. There I was, alone in my car, in the dark, wearing my gorgeous black Max Mara coat, and I was staring at the window. I couldn’t stop asking myself… is this real life? I swear to god, sometimes it feels like my life is a movie. I’m not joking! It’s 4AM now on a Friday and I’m still battling jet lag. Here I am, in my hotel room, wearing nothing but a white bath robe. I opened a bottle of red wine earlier and I’m smoking what’s left on my pack of Marlboro lights on my balcony. Moments like this remind of me movie scenes… Ah well.

Bryanboy wearing a Max Mara coat outside the Max Mara store in Istanbul, Turkey
A school in Istanbul, Turkey
Closh Boutique window in Istanbul, Turkey
Turkish Flag
Street Scenes in Istanbul
A mosque at dusk in Istanbul, Turkey

Sana Aşığım Istanbul!


  1. Ece Lenk

    Very glad to know that you had a pleasant stay in Istanbul. Hope you will have some time to visit Turkey on summer as well!!
    Seni cok seviyoruz BryanBoy :))

  2. is it wrong that I wanna buy that pink puffy dress and wear it everywhere?! I would rock that dress anywhere from fashion week to a car wash on santa monica blvd!

    check out my under $100 gift guide!

  3. Hey ,

    Just seen you got the Elle awards in Istanbul,here is a crazy city ever’s great to see you here in turkey and we would like to again…

    Hope you enjoy our stay ..enjoy every Moment…

  4. Adi Kaplan

    can’t wait to read about your experience in Tel Aviv ;-) miss ya!!! xoxo Adi

  5. It sounds like you’re having an amazing time jetting around the world. I am loving those pictures of Istanbul. I’ve been to Turkey briefly, but the part I went to definitely didn’t look like that!

  6. Its rly amazing to see this nice picture tht u tke,,,,,you are realy injoying life to the fullest,,,,ha ha jaah life its like a movie to everyone,,,,,lag

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