1. Slut4Style

    Well shot but so badly edited. Stray frames everywhere, and did they have to keep your nodding at the end of every soundbite?

  2. It was such an inspiring video to me. I
    Love the passion that u love fashion since u were like 10 u r amazing Bryan boy

  3. So true indeed.. Love this video!! Sometimes being inspired by someone else and taking all the trends ONLY in consideration when dressing takes the You being fashionable.. This why i love your eccentricity — u have your OWN style.. Lately i have seen people/bloggers wearing the same clothes!! Could it the clothes such a hit or cuz one is emulating someone else that goes on and on!! Just like dressing your mind and standing out of the million others… This makes u different!!!

  4. oh, I can totally relate to what you said about one’s mind being cluttered with all the different styles that are out there. I really suffered from that when I first started blogging bc I thought I had to look like EVERYONE. So glad I’m over that period.
    Really cool video, you and Rumi are so similar, no wonder you guys are best friends :)

  5. stephanie

    Bryan, so incredibly well said! Fashion is all about being true to yourself are and not following trends, it’s wearing what you feel invincible in and gives you more confidence. You are a fabulous fashion leader and your confidence in yourself and ability to continually surprise is a gift and inspires. For someone to ask if it’s an obsession with fashion or yourself, they don’t have the understanding that it’s all one – you don’t separate the two – your confidence and passion is contagious and allows people to get caught up in what you believe and to be a part of it all. Congratulations on your success and please don’t ever stop, don’t question, and don’t listen to anyone who tries to change you or bring you down. Thanks for the little Twitter chats and hope to meet in person one day. best wishes to you for an incredible 2013! xoxo @stefie8888

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