From Laguardia to Dulles

Written By bryanboy

What was meant to be a 40-minute flight from NYC Laguardia to Washington Dulles airport turned into a seven hour nightmare — something about the weather, how they had to change planes, blah blah blah. I’m just happy I’m here in Washington DC. We left my apartment at around 2PM and it’s 10:38PM and I’ve just checked into my hotel room. I’m visiting to see my aunt who I haven’t seen in about two years and my cousins who I literally haven’t seen in almost two decades. It’s gonna be cray cray!

View of New York City after taking off from Laguardia
Bryanboy at Washington Dulles International Airport

Washington DC Dulles airport looks like a Prada runway set, no? So major…

Sunglasses by Celine, headphones by Molami, coat by Marc Jacobs, bag by Givenchy, shoes by Prada


  1. I hope I see you in DC while you’re visiting! That would be indeed, major. Please have an amazing trip.

  2. O.M.G…..How long are you in DC? I’ve been reading your blog for years, literally (since you were still living @ home). I live 15 mins from DC & would love to take a pic with ya if you have the time.

  3. Such cool photos!! Dulles is always a nightmare in my book (because it’s so far from Washington, D.C.). I hope the rest of your trip goes much more smoothly.

  4. Michèle Mayrand

    Fabulous pictures! The floor also reminds me of some Armani shows… xxxx

  5. OMG i wish i could meet you I live in DC, and I just saw you IG a building that’s downtown which is where I am. Have fun visiting family, and please get out to Georgetown so some folks can meet you and take pictures with you!

  6. Wow! Beautiful photos of our nation’s capital and Dulles. Hope your visit is much more enjoyable then the trip out.

  7. hi bryan! train is most convenient from nyc to dc! u can do the acela. no luggage check ins or security checks i think. takes 2 or 3 hrs

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