Totally Toryffic Cold Weather Essential

Written By bryanboy

Congratulations to me. I’ve just made my first ever Tory Burch purchase. I saw these cute shearling and leather boots at Net-a-Porter earlier this morning. I need a warm and casual every day boot I could wear on my fashion circus days off. Just a few weeks ago I was thinking about buying my first pair of Uggs because the temperatures are not going anywhere but south. So happy I held myself back.

Tory Burch shearling boots

Tory Burch Alma Shearling boots at Net-a-Porter (click HERE)


  1. undefined

    Tory Burch is really stepping up her game. She’s been creating some really cute accessories, too. Even her clothes are becoming Chanel-esque, and her cashmere sweaters are super affordable.

  2. Antônio Pedro Marchini

    I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you! How dare you?

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