In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye

Written By bryanboy

If you live in the USA, be sure to watch the new HBO Documentary featuring some of Vogue’s most prolific fashion editors: Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington, Tonne Goodman, my beloved Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, Polly Allen Mellen, Camilla Nickerson, Phyllis Posnick and Babs Simpson. Add it to your calendars — December 6, 2012, 9PM Eastern Time.

Click HERE to buy the book, ‘Vogue: The Editor’s Eye“.


  1. Speaking on Fashion Editors:

    Dear Bryanboy.

    “My guy’s divorce stalling for 4 years 4 months while his wencho wife quibbles over his retirement. I said go to trial. Give her your shirt. Fight baby. Coz I will work and I won’t stop until your retirement becomes our friggin shoe budget for the month.”

    “People live like that you know” I said to him “just like Bryanboy.”


    Mari Musing

  2. Thank you for recommending this film! I really look forward to seeing it. I am especially interested in how it reflects these editors and how it portrays the fashion industry as a whole.

  3. please for those in the states who’s gonna watch it, pls take time to upload it in youtube aswell.LOL I’m sooo freaking desperate to see that documentary…

  4. What, exactly, is the job of a fashion stylist? It’s a difficult question to answer—even for the creative women …

  5. Oh how nice, wish I could watch it, I will try to search the internet for the DVD or something… Does anybody know if it will be possible to watch it online anywhere, anytime? Thanks, (poor people from Europe…)

    Annique from

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