Greetings From Tel-Aviv!

Written By bryanboy

Hello my dearest readers! I’m so happy to be in Tel-Aviv. I’ve been here for a week! I know it sounds cray cray but I almost didn’t make it here because of the Hurricane Sandy. It’s a good thing Delta didn’t cancel my flight (praise Moses, praise Jesus, praise Allah, praise Miuccia Prada) otherwise I’d be homeless in New York City. My apartment was smack right on Zone A and I’ve received word from my landlord that electricity went out for a week. Yaddi, yaddi, yadda. Expect a few Tel-Aviv & Israeli-related blog posts from me over the next few days. I’m excited to share to you some great memories I made in this fun city!

Bryanboy in Jaffa, Tel-Aviv Israel
Israeli Flag
Dizengoff Street Sign
Outside Goocha cafe Tel-Aviv
Dizengoff Street, Tel-Aviv
A cat looking through the door.
The great thing about fashion...
Club night poster
Fear the man, kill the snitch
Sunset on the beach, Tel-Aviv
Tel-Aviv sunset


  1. I can see my house in one of your pictures. Love you blog. So cool you came to visit Tel Aviv!!

  2. Wow!!!! That’s such an awesome vacation, I’m so jealous!!! Where’s your bag from?! It’s perfect and incredible.

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