Extreme Shopper Behavior

Written By bryanboy

Humanity be damned. Shame on you people, shame on you. Black Friday, without doubt, turned people into cattle. Watch these girls and women storm Victoria’s Secret in Oklahoma. Unbelievable.

All this for bloody yoga pants. Yoga pants, people, yoga fucking pants.


  1. Well Bryan we cant all be handed things for free some of us work our asses off for very little pay and when the time comes we want to treat ourselves why not do it in the sales,im not saying their behaviour is appropriate but you clearly do not live the in economy hit world the rest of us do,the rich get richer and the poor get shit on!

  2. It’s insane! but then again, you can’t blame them cause some people can only afford those yoga pants when they’re on sale

  3. That is completely ridiculous and unsafe. I don’t need anything that bad to deal with mob scenes and crowds like that. I’m sure they probably could’ve gotten the exact same deals online. So sad.

  4. Over yoga pants? Seriously? Well whatever, people like what they like. I can’t say I don’t act this like when H&M release designer capsule collections… :)


  5. we do not have victoria secret stores in Belgium, I knew the brand from their interesting runway shows! so i was pretty excited to visit the stores in nyc! but it was actually a shock to me, i thought that it was one of the most exclusive underwear brands in the world like la perla! that is the impression the shows gave me. i mean there is nothing wrong with this brand, but i had a completely different idea of the brand because of their shows! oh the magical world of marketing

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