Silver, Glittery Goodness

Written By bryanboy

Are you a coat or a jacket kind of person? I’m both. My beloved Ennio from Costume National sent me this amazing, glittery, silver half-jacket, half-coat when I was in Paris. It’s the perfect piece to wear this autumn. I have a feeling it’s gonna get a lot of mileage from me this season. Afterall, I love a bit of sparkle regardless of the time of the day.

Bryanboy wearing a silver Costume National jacket
Bryanboy wearing his boyfriend's hat
Silver Costume National jacket worn by Bryanboy
Bryanboy wearing a silver shirt by Michael Angel and a silver coat by Costume National

Hat borrowed from boyfriend, sunglasses by Celine, shirt by Michael Angel, jacket (gifted) by Costume National, trousers by Weekday, shoes by Balenciaga


  1. Personally, I love both. However, I am possibly more of a jacket person, if you can consider the every now and then blazer with several layers under it for those colder months. Regardless, I love this coat and it is a must have for my wardrobe. What better way to jump start the holiday season with a little shimmer. Shimmy shimmy on! x Erykah

  2. I love your look – your first picture is the essence of beautiful: simple, heart breaking and pure. Also – seeing your eyes is so refreshing :)

  3. Gorgeousness from head to toe!
    That jacket is beyond! PURRFECT for Fall!
    Costume National is such a fantastic line (their shoes make me do bad things!) and I feel like the line doesn’t get a ton of attention.

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