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Talk about love at first sight. Fell in love with this light-weight yet surprisingly warm knitted turtleneck sweater with metallic silver thread chain-mail details from the fall/winter 2012 Versace womenswear collection. I like how it looks oh-so-rock-n-roll tough… but it’s probably the most fragile garment I own. I had to be extremely careful not to break any of the chain links. One wrong move is all it takes to ruin this piece.

Bryanboy wearing a Versace turtleneck sweater from fall/winter 2012 collection
Bryanboy in Versace fall/winter 2012 womenswear
Versace chainmail sweater from fall/winter 2012 collection
Black and silver Versace chain mail sweater

Turtleneck (gifted) by Versace, trousers by COS, shoes by Balenciaga, sunglasses by Michael Kors


  1. Of course you fell in love with it, it is super gorgeous and looks great on you. By the way correct me if I am wrong but did you loose weight, or is it my eyes that are tripping. For some reason you look skinnier to me. But no matter what Bryan Boy you always look good!!


  2. so how would you clean that sweater? I would be nervous even to give it to be dry cleaned because if they damage it & then tell me sorry I would freak the eff out…just sayin’

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