Balenciaga Special Presentation

Written By bryanboy

I think I’ve reached this stage where I’m (finally) becoming smarter with my purchases. After all, I’m gonna be stuck with the things I buy now for the next few months. It’s always nice to buy very, very few BUT only from the best AND wearing them to death as versus buying a lot of disposable things that you only wear once or twice. I fell in love with these great black trousers from Balenciaga in Paris. The store ran out of the pant in my size so I got it in a size larger than my usual. I’m trying to decide whether to get them altered (afterall, they were meant to be high-waisted) though I must say I love the slouchy effect. I also love how you are not able to see the leather details at the back of the obi-like bow on the front. Secret luxury. The black boots are also from Balenciaga. Picked them up at the men’s store in Rue Saint-Honore. I’m gonna make these boots my everyday shoe. As for the t-shirt, lord have mercy, I know, I know. Please don’t judge me. Thank you.

Bryanboy wearing Balenciaga fall winter 2012
Bryanboy wearing a Balenciaga Special Presentation t-shirt

‘Special Presentation’ t-shirt by Balenciaga, women’s trousers by Balenciaga, men’s boots by Balenciaga

Click click click!

Balenciaga Special Presentation t-shirt
Balenciaga Special Presentation tshirt in Stockholm
Bryanboy in Stockholm wearing Balenciaga autumn winter 2012
Bryanboy in front of Stockholm Concert Hall in Hotorget, Stockholm
Bryanboy wearing Balenciaga head to toe in Stockholm
White Balenciaga Special Presentation tshirt


  1. I love the trousers, but I feel like they would look even better tailored. However the whole look is so chic.


  2. Balenciagia is the best in shaping clothes into beautiful and super cool forms (those supersize scuba tops they have now, wow). As for the pants, keep’m like that!

  3. Bitch, yes Balenciaga head to toe WILL bring back your mojo. Lovin the ttude. The fingers, the limbs, more of that pls. Now, pass the butter….

  4. Those pants look fierce on you! They only look a tiny bit loose on the hips and ankles but you wear them so well.

    PS. Totally enjoying seeing your face every week on Next Top Model!

  5. Hi Bryanboy,
    I just saw you speak at Teen Vogue Fashion U
    You are such an inspiration.
    Amazing outfits and I love you and Rumi’s relationship!

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