Autumn Rising

Written By bryanboy

Do you ever find yourself going to stores and buying the same exact item you already own but in a different colour? That’s what happened when it came to my favourite garment of the moment. I took this cute, green coat from the COS flagship store in Stockholm because I love everything about it — the fabric, the style, the cut, the way it falls on the body, everything. I already bought the navy version (as seen on previous blog entries) in Paris two weeks ago. I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up buying the black and gray versions as well in the next few months to come but really… I like the idea but it’s kinda wrong, don’t you think?

Bryanboy wearing a fall winter 2012 Prada shirt and a COS coat
Green COS coat from fall winter 2012
Bryanboy wearing a purple and white Prada shirt from fall winter 2012 collection
Flottsbro forest, Stockholm Sweden in the fall

Sunglasses by Celine, shirt by Prada, waist coat by Dolce & Gabbana, coat and trousers by COS, shoes by Balenciaga


  1. Carolyn Roesbery

    Absolutely stunning but I am looking around my kitchen to see what I would replace as the “cigarette.” The thought of nicotine smoke on your beautiful clothes! A slender jar of golden honey . . . a sleek pen . . . a small map . . . a butterfly, a leek? The coat, the coat, the coat; Amazing in both color, shape and style. I really don’t think any color will top this one. Since you already have the navy, this is enough . . . I would move on. Exciting designer!

  2. haha so funny seeing you with this typical swedish background in the photo, I must ask you, were you shooting this along the “Djurgårdskanalen” in Stockholm? I use to take a walk there almost every week, and it looks familiar :) Hope you enjoy Stockholm!

  3. I”m loving the color and style of that coat. I find myself buying more and more of the same item in different colors or even the same color if I really like the item. I feel crazy at the time, but I’m definitely glad I bought them later on when I still love the item and can’t find them anymore!

  4. I dont think that its wrong to buy a piece in different colors and seriously, this coat is AMAZING! its a stunning look for you and I really appreciate that you bought it. :)

  5. I’m like that. I always buy the same piece in at least two different colors. Doesn’t feel wrong at all.

  6. The shirt is causing my to hyperventilate!! I wish I’d gotten my hands on one earlier… Prada have/had the most amazing prints this season!

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