Jessica Stam’s Marchesa Spring 2013 Fitting

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A fashion designer is judged based on their work and the looks they present at a fashion show. Y’all know how it goes — models sashay down the runway donning the latest looks while photographers shoot images for the rest of the world to see. Here’s Jessica Stam wearing a one of my favourite looks from the spring/summer 2013 Marchesa collection — a gorgeous white fringed dress.

Jessica Stam at Marchesa spring summer 2013 fashion show
Jessica Stam wearing a white fringe dress at Marchesa spring summer 2013 fashion show

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What truly amazes me is the amount of work involved in creating a certain look. A white dress is not just a ‘white dress’. Georgina Chapman told me that when it comes to embroidery and beading, they design everything in New York, send the sketches to India for the actual bead work. Their Indian suppliers then send everything back to their atelier in New York where they assemble everything together and produce the samples.

The work doesn’t stop there.

As you guys know, I visited the Marchesa studio a couple of days prior to the show for a preview and Jessica Stam was there for her fitting. The dress, of course, isn’t finished yet and they had to make final adjustments and alterations.

Jessica Stam's spring/summer 2013 Marchesa fashion show fitting at Marchesa studio
Jessica Stam talking to Georgina Chapman at Marchesa studio
Marchesa staff discussing final alterations and hem lengths
Fringe details of a Marchesa spring summer 2013 dress
Jessica Stam trying on shoes for Marchesa spring summer 2013 fashion show
Jessica Stam at Marchesa fitting

I feel privileged to be able to witness and photograph such ‘behind-the-scenes’ action that used to only exist in my imagination.

Speaking of imagination, Georgina Chapman is directing a movie VERY SOON for Canon’s “Project Imagination“, a film festival celebrating creativity, inspiration and imagination. Everyone is invited to submit photos that fit certain story-telling themes which will be used as a reference point and/or setting stage for a film.

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  1. Yes, I am waiting also for new Dolce and Gabbana collection, they opened 2 weeks ago a store in Kiev Mandarin Plaza owned by Semion Mogilevich. looks like designers are going into a new directon now…

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