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Written By bryanboy

Donatella and Me

I’m very excited for Donatella Versace’s official online e-commerce store which is going to be launched very soon. I’m a big fan of Donatella’s work. The energy and creativity she brings to the house is very much synch with her brother Gianni’s legacy. Donatella has worked with fashion bloggers in the past and I’m thrilled to be working with them once again this season — I’m very curious what outfit I’ll wear to her show! Anyway, I suggest that you immerse yourself in Donatella’s world — visit their website, subscribe to their email newsletter and visit their YouTube page to watch the latest runway and backstage videos of Donatella’s collections.


  1. Imamieddienne Afrouze Emir Siddique

    Namastey, while on the subject of ‘Fassion’ which is highly subjective to begin with,the landscape of fashion journalism has transformed in some radical ways over the last decade—and also like fashion, it’s arguably busier, crazier, more democratic, more anarchic, and more interesting than it has ever been. The art of reporting on fashion—and writing about it critically—in an age when everyone (and anyone) has an opinion. ‘Style Addict’ demystifies the complex business of fashion and celebrity style. Having said that, this article reads like a sycophants’ beatific tribute to his alter ego. Nevertheless, love the turn of phrase. Looking forward to the next tribute. Mendacity & mediocrity rules.

  2. Imamieddienne Afrouze Emir Siddique

    It’s sacrilege to mention the ‘D’readed word with the late genius Gianni’s name.#Nuffsaid

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