Mo’ Marni, Mo’ Problems

Written By bryanboy

I’ve been obsessed with this graphic black and white Marni sweater ever since I laid my eyes on it at Barney’s when my life support group (aka my BF and Rumi) and I went to Las Vegas in June. It felt morally wrong to buy knits in the desert so I was like ok, I’ll buy it later. A few weeks later, I went to Jamaica, moved to NYC where I saw it at Saks Fifth Avenue. Once again, I skipped it. It just doesn’t feel right to buy a $600 sweater when it’s sweltering outside, you know?

Wind the clocks forward to our pit stop in Salt Lake City, Utah. Rumi and I needed a quick jolt of wardrobe pickups so we popped by Nordstrom one lazy afternoon. I ooohed and aahed at the $4,000 Dries Van Noten fur-trimmed parka. MACAN. MACAN is what I say whenever I see something that I like that ends up being too expensive. Moving Along, Can’t Afford, Next. While Rumi was busy hoarding more Alexander Wang pieces, I bolted to the nearby Marni rack. There’s my baby once again — the Marni black and white sweater that’s been hounding me for weeks. The ribbed neck detail (navy and red) is different to the ones that I saw (purple and yellow).

Marni black and white sweater
Bryanboy wearing a Marni fall/wall 2012 sweater
Bryanboy wearing a Marni sweater in Lake Tahoe

I don’t know what they want from me but it’s like the more Marni we come across, the more problems we see.

Click HERE to buy the black and white Marni sweater from SSENSE.


  1. That sweater sends me back to my childhood 90s when I was wearing sweaters like that during cold winters fooling around with friends and it makes me recollect evenings by fireplace as well. So nice, thanks for evoking those memories:)
    Vi @ |bfm|

  2. Great buy! It looks great on you and it’s a classic with a twist piece. Love it! However, I feel so lucky I bought almost everything I wanted from the Marni for H&M collection with less than what you have to pay for one Marni item.

  3. Dexter Santiago Garay

    MACAN sound very filipino for me but it sounds ver cool and unique. keep it up!!

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