After a week’s worth of desert, drought and desolate sceneries, we drove from Reno, Nevada to oh-so-gorgeous Lake Tahoe. It’s refreshing to see traces of greenery and civilization once again. Lake Tahoe is so beautiful.

Bryanboy sitting on a wooden fence in Lake Tahoe, California

Sunglasses by Celine, t-shirt by Burberry Prorsum, belt by J. Crew, shorts by Michael Angel, backpack by Prada

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Bryanboy on a fence in Lake Tahoe, California
Bryanboy in Lake Tahoe
View of Lake Tahoe beach
Yellow kayak on top of a car in Lake Tahoe
Coon Street Launch Facility, Lake Tahoe
Flowers at a corner cafe in Lake Tahoe
Small boats in Lake Tahoe
Stevenson's Holiday Inn, Lake Tahoe
Welcome to Nevada, Lake Tahoe
American Flag in Lake, Tahoe
Cabin in the woods in Lake Tahoe