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Written By bryanboy

Oh the things that we do, the places we’ll go to get that photo taken. The Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah was the crown jewel of our recent road trip. Located just a few hours drive from Salt Lake City, the salt flats is the most incredible, most picturesque, most desolate place I’ve ever set foot in my whole life. No words can describe the emotions I felt when I was there. Imagine being separated from humanity and being in touch with planet Earth — no roads, no lights, no traces of culture, civilization or man-made items. Very post-apocalyptic.

Bryanboy wearing an Alexander McQueen visor and Michael Kors turtleneck
Bryanboy lying down on the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah

Alexander McQueen visor (bought from Luisa Via Roma), Michael Kors white turtleneck

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Bryanboy wearing a Michael Kors turtleneck and Alexander McQueen visor sunglasses
White Michael Kors turtleneck
Bryanboy at Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah
Alexander McQueen Visor Fall Winter 2012
Bryanboy walking at Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah
Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah


  1. Xavier Mizrahi

    I love it !!! big blss from Germany ! so where i can get that sunglasess !!! You are AMAZING U better Werk!!!

  2. Gosh, How can you survive with the super hot on your sweater turtleneck, i read on Rumi’s blog that the location is hot in any words! good effort,.

  3. dude, seriously, you need to start modeling for clothes. your photos are amazing, and looks like something out of a magazine! if i didn’t knew who you were, i would have thought you were modeling for a united colors of benetton knit sweater lol!!!!!

  4. Gabriel Fuentes San-Román

    We need more Fashion News, i used to visit this blog, but now its all about your life.

  5. Emanuel Iuhas

    I was missing this kind of posts dear Bryan.
    Congrats. I love it!

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