Haul Me. To Rue Cambon!

Written By bryanboy

This has got to be my favourite haul video of all time, featuring my beloved Eva Chen who is the super chic Beauty Director of Teen Vogue. Thank you for showing the young ‘uns how to do it right. LOL!!!


  1. Haha yeah I love her videos, she seems like such a nice person..I still watch all the other shitty hauls on youtube because, you know, it’s quite distracting ;)

  2. exactly what’s wrong with “haul” videos? it’s a free country! if a person wants to share what they purchased let them. i suppose there’s something a little bit tacky with showing to anyone in the world everything you bought in any given shopping spree but there’s a community out there who like to see other peoples’ sartorial selection and consumption. if it’s not harming anyone, let them be. so this whole “punching yourself in the face” whenever you see a haul video, bryan, PLEASE, if anything it’s tacky that you feel the need to ENUMERATE everything and every designer you’re wearing. we, the common people, get it, you’re rich and fab. delusional? absolutely.

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