Cowgirls and Gaysians in the Wild, Wild West

Written By bryanboy

No road trip in the wild, wild west is complete without paying a tribute to cowboy culture! We stopped by this shop called “Boot Barn” in Winnemucca, Nevada and bought a couple of real, authentic cowboy hats, toy guns and other ‘Western’ paraphernalia. I never really had the chance to play ‘Cowboys and Indians’ when I was a child so unleashing my inner cowboy in the middle of Podunk, Nowheresville was rather fun.

Bryanboy dressed as a cowboy holding a toy gun in Winnemucca, Nevada
Rumi Neely dressed as a cowgirl in Winnemucca, Nevada

Click click click!

Bryanboy smoking a cigarette and holding a toy gun in Winnemucca, Nevada
Bryanboy watching the sunset in Winnemucca, Nevada
Bryanboy smoking in front of a moving train
Gas train in Winnemucca, Nevada


  1. Great post! love the outfits and the pictures. Very western looking ! The location is just amazing!

    Best regards
    Andi Smith

  2. Great pictures, love the set up and theme! I have those Prada shoes too, but in the dark colors. Aren’t they amazing!?
    -Men Trend

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