Conquering A Fear

Written By bryanboy

No, really, I’m a cowboy. I’m able to survive in harsh conditions and I’m also game for pretty much most things in life with the exception of the following: electrical outlets, roller coasters and anything that involves me dangling in the air. Don’t ask; the older I get, the more I fear heights. Rumi wanted to take the scenic lift ride at the Park City Mountain Resort in Utah. I failed in trying to steer her to do something else. I guess it’s fair that I join her especially with the drive from Salt lake City. Trust me, I was petrified beyond belief for the first fifteen minutes of the ride, frozen legs and all. It’s the first time I rode the lift and boy I’m glad I did! I’m very curious what Park City Mountain Resort looks like in the winter though…

Bryanboy at the scenic lift ride PAYDAY at Park City Mountain Resort

Sunglasses by Celine, top by 3.1 Phillip Lim, shorts by Alexander Wang, bag by Michael Kors, shoes by Prada

Click click click!

Park City Mountain Resort, Utah
View going up the Payday scenic lift ride
Bryanboy as Mountain Patrol at Park City Mountain Resort, Utah
View from the top of Park City Mountain Resort
Yellow flowers at Park City Mountain Resort
View going down at the Payday scenic lift ride at Park City Mountain Resort
Ski lift at Park City Mountain Resort


  1. Wish I was there. Heading home in a couple of weeks. Too bad to miss you. Salt Lake City needs your influence. Just as I need NYC right now! !


  2. U R sooooooo brave!!!I GET soooo freaked out too!!!! But it was worth it, cause it looks like you are loungin’ on that chair lift and the view is outta this world amamazeballs! U look sooo hot and love everythin you are wearing! Looks like u and Rumi are having a mega BLASSST!!! Enjoy!!!!!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  3. I hear ya, I am afraid of heights too, but I always let someone talk me into a height adventure hahaha, shaking and all!


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