Boys of Middle Earth

Written By bryanboy

What’s worse than a crying infant while trying to sleep on intercontinental flights? A twenty-minute ferry ride from Manhattan to Brooklyn filled with children laughing, children crying, babies who ate their own fingers and hands, babies who dropped their pacifiers on the floor, etc etc etc. I’m very much pro-water taxis but yesterday’s trek was something else. Rumi and I were surrounded by screaming toddlers on the ride to Williamsburg.

Bryanboy smoking a cigarette in Williamsburg, NYC

Top by 3.1 Phillip Lim, shorts by 3.1 Phillip Lim, bracelet by Hermes, sunglasses by Celine, handbag by Celine, shoes by Prada


  1. Hi Bryan, some bus rides in small Italian villages are almost as worse. You have to add conversations and/or arguments between the passengers, screaming from the front to the back of the bus!

  2. Ha!…yeah, I used to be that person who wuold get annoyed at the screaming toddlers on flights too.

    Now that i have one, i am the parent who is terrified that the person with the screaming infant is going to be…well…umm…me.

    And then I look across at people like you and Rumi in your fanstastic shoes (I havent seen a pic but i am sure hers were fabulous as well) and I think…”I wonder when i stopped being that cool?”.


  3. Loving how each piece in this look is so simple (well apart from the Prada shoes) yet all of the make a statement! Your looks are progressing into simplicity – amazing :) And seems like someone finally took a bite out of the Celine candy jar!

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