How To Turn A 25 Euro Vintage J Crew Sweater To A £550 Sweater

Written By bryanboy

I love JW Anderson.

I first heard of him a couple seasons ago when I went to Vogue Italia’s ‘Who’s On Next’ event for upcoming designers.

I’ve been a fan since then. If you ask who my favourite rising British designers are, I’d say he’s the first one on the list. I love his aesthetic and his oh-so-clever and playful mix of colour, fabric, texture, etc.

Although I’ve been extremely busy over the past few weeks decorating (what else is there to do in this horrible, sweltering weather?), I’m also planning my autumn/winter wardrobe. We’ve got about two months of summer left. I’m thinking of buying a couple of JW Anderson pieces so while browsing online for his wares, I saw THIS sweater from his A/W 2012 collection being sold at OKI-NI.

JW Anderson sweater similar to vintage J Crew sweater

Note: the above sweater was NOT part of his Fall 2012 runway show (see men’s and women’s).

At first I was like, wait a sec, that sweater looks so familiar!

Then I was like, wait, I already have it!

Bryanboy in a vintage J Crew sweater

That’s right. I went to Parisian vintage store Kiliwatch with my friend Rumi ages ago! I had second doubts buying the sweater (which is an old sweater from J. Crew) because it had a couple of moth holes in it but then Rumi told me I should just buy it nonetheless. It was 25 euros; I’ll only use it for blog photos and nowhere else.

My boyfriend took photos of me in Stockholm in the said sweater earlier this year and I posted it on my site on March 16, 2012.

Bryanboy wearing a J Crew sweater similar to JW Anderson

I feel like I’m on drugs for seeing the same sweater but I’m sober as hell. I’m confused.

Can you see the similarities I’m seeing?

I think I need to rewatch that Marc Jacobs x Louis Vuitton documentary again on how to repurpose a vintage sweater.

I’m smacking my head cause it hurts…

Oh and BTW, please don’t do a ‘who wore it best’ competition because I’m not a model. KTHXBYE.


  1. wow… the size of the stripes, arrangement… everything is the same! at least you got a deal ^^

  2. WTF ??! This is pure plagiarism! How could he think copying one of the most influencial blogger’s vintage sweater would go unnoticed ? This is just too funny and says alot about current fashion and the fact we’re running around in circles. It actually reminds me of a class I took a week ago at FIT about plagiarism in fashion and the poor laws regarding copies..

  3. They shouldn’t be doing this! Even worse than high street stores copying from designers because that’s the exact same thing (maybe they changed the material). And they sell it for so much more, it’s insane…
    Emily ooo

  4. as a designer, i find this upsetting. it’s true that certain trends have moments of zeitgeist and one thing can inspire another but this is a 100% straight copy down to the stitch! honestly, i’d be a bit embarrassed to have my name on something that i had reproduced exactly.

  5. It reminds me of this great article a long time ago on the Fantastic Man about how these vintage hunters are paid big bucks to hunt down unique pieces from movie sets, estate sales, etc. for big name designers. They’re supposed to be for “inspiration” but many designers wholesale copy them or change very few details, then sell them as their own at hefty prices.

  6. You’re freakin awesome! I have the same Zara pants and that’s exactly what I love about your style :) Great outfit, especially in combination with the J Crew sweater.

  7. awesome sweater & love your shoes,
    really like all the colours in your outfit :)

    LOVE BO,

  8. Is Casper Smart gay? What’s the word on the street Bryan? He was seen on 8th ave doing some gay Glory hole trolling.

  9. I don’t ‘get’JW Anderson. Pure fashion hype.
    Regarding your outfit Mr BB,I am not sure about the sweater either to be honest: there’s a fine line between colour blocking and good old bad taste he he…: 0

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